Posted: September 25, 2008 in Uncategorized

I once read that the last year of office for a US president is spent ensuring their legacy. So exactly what is Georgie Dubblyah’s legacy for posterity? Here’s a few things to ponder.

1. Taking his country and others, including my own, to war in Iraq on what was eventually proven to be a lie.

2. Gradually dismantling practically every welfare initiative put in place by the Clinton administration.

3. Proving the most inept response to national disaster in the Western world in the wake of Hurricane Katrina yet refusing the offer of assistance from other agencies around the world (the cartoon, Family Guy, showed Georgie hiding in a treehouse after Katrina – it’s as good an explanation as anything else).

4. Electoral practices widely believed to be dubious at best although I doubt we will ever learn the full story of that first election win.

5. Flatly refusing to acknowledge the threat of global warming, even forcing government scientists to rewrite reports playing this down (did you really think pretending it didn’t exist that this would just go away Georgie boy?)

And now…

6. In the wake of a string of major financial collapses, Georgie Dubblyah has admitted that the entire US economy is about to go into meltdown.

In an global environment where energy commodity prices have driven enormous revenue potential all around the world, how is that the USA has managed to avoid being a recipient? How is it that such a massive economy has been allowed to descend into such chaos? Just what role has the hideous expense of the Bush vendetta in the Middle East played in this by robbing the US economy of obviously badly needed funding?

President Trueman famously kept a sign on his desk: ‘the buck stops here’. So where is the buck going to stop now? At a time when hundreds of Americans are reportedly loosing their homes every week, you can be sure that Georgie Dubblyah and has buddies won’t be losing anything. Instead, Mr Dubblyah will be spending the remainder of his life in protected luxury, significantly funded by the US public purse. And you can be pretty sure that when the inevitable book comes out, although you can be equally assured that the infamously inarticulate Georgie Dubblyah will have someone else write it for him, it will all be somebody else’s fault.

And many Australians thought we had it bad with Johnny Howard.

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