Another Popsicle Award!

Posted: September 21, 2009 in Uncategorized

As dear old Victor Meldrew would have said, “I don’t believe it.” [Apologies to my US friends – Victor Meldrew was an English comedy character and that was his catchcry.]

A burglar in the US, during a housebreaking, decided to log into the household’s computer and check his Facebook page. What the???

When the householder came back home to discover the burglary, she discovered not only had someone been there but that they had logged on to her computer. And the burglar had failed to erase their Internet traces. So it was an easy task for police to check the Facebook page and trace said burglar.

What a bloody idiot. So congratulations to one of the stupidest burglars I have ever heard of, for being the latest recipient of my Popsicle Award for only having a popsicle stick keeping their ears apart.

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