Popsciple Awards time

Posted: October 7, 2009 in Uncategorized

I have decided on a special awarding of a Popsicle Award.

A few hours ago, leader of the Australian Opposition, Malcom Turnball, stated that he has the full support of his parliamentary colleagues.

Hmmmm let us examine that statement for a moment.

Ironbar‘ Wilson Tuckey has lead the WA branch of the Liberal Party in railing against the leadership ever since John Howard was dumped by the electorate and has been quite vocal against Chief Turning Bull.

Bluggerguts Joe Hockey has been blatantly ambitious in his climb through the political ranks. Despite his public protestations of support for John Howard just a couple months out from the last Federal election, he was very quick to join the ranks of those jumping on the ‘I told John Howard to quit’ bandwagon with almost indecent haste. Of late he has been uncharacteristically quiet, just as Chief Turning Bull went very quiet while he was orchestrating the political assassination of his predecessor. So it comes as no surprise that Hockey now announces that he has been sounded out about contesting the leadership. Lots of support there, isn’t there Malcolm.

The Mad Monk, Tony Abbott has made no secret of his aspirations to the top job and in recent months has been taking obvious steps to rebuild himself into something softer than the nasty, verbal-headkicker we all know him to be. And in the wake of John Howard’s demise, Abbott stated his intention to stand for the leadership, although that only lasted for about twenty-four hours. I couldn’t see many bookies giving long odds against Abbott not making his own push behind the scenes.

And now an unnamed member of Turnball’s party room has allegedly stated that Turnball ‘will not go the distance”.

So I make a special presentation of my Popsicle Award to Malcom Turnball for being stupid enough to try and pretend that all is well. If he actually believes his own words then he doesn’t even have so much as the Popsicle stick keeping his ears apart.

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