technology can really suck – but not as bad as the suppliers!

Posted: October 27, 2009 in Uncategorized

OK – so it is time to go broadband even though my finances are very limited. I check out some wireless broadband options, accepting that such an option would not be as good as a fixed broadband connection. I select a supplier based on the information that they give me, including assurances that I would not have any problems connecting to the wireless broadband network at home.

After wrestling with it and getting hopeless response times, I was put onto their online support system on the Friday, only to receive an automated response that the ‘Help’ person would not be available until the Tuesday. Yeah, that’s good ‘support’, isn’t it? Today that individual responded. In fairness she has attempted to be helpful but the end result was I cannot expect to connect at anything better than less-than dial up speeds, unless I sit outside in the middle of the garden keeping the cabbages company, rather than use the unit in-doors. So much for the assurances I was given before forking out my very limited cash. Begs the question – should I have to accept a service that I can only use during the day time, sitting outside, assuming the weather is clement, or unless of course I am prepared to use the unit via torchlight at night seated among the lettuces?

I am not joking – this so-called broadband unit gives less-than my old dial-up up service. Bloody pathetic.

I doubt there will be any chances of getting any sort of refund.

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