services? rip off more like it

Posted: October 31, 2009 in Uncategorized

My new rant is against unscrupulous mobs who advertise on television for all manner of ‘services’ on your mobile phone. We’re talking porn, personals, stupid things about love and relationships – the list keeps going on and on. These are naturally the sort of thing designed to attract the attention of the younger subscriber. But how many read the fine print on the bottom on the screen?

The cost of these things is pretty steep. Take for example the one I have just read on an advertistment just now. The service is some nonsence that tells you facts about your name. The cost – $3 sign up fee and $15 a week.

How many unsuspecting subscribers get caught by this? Not a single one of these ‘services’ is worth messing around with, let alone that exorbitant cost for a nonsense service.

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