Dear Mr Rudd

Posted: April 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

Damn it.

Damn it. Damn it. Damn it.

Kevin Rudd – I am so bloody angry with you right now? Why? Well I’ll tell you, mate.

Prime Minister, you have just forced me into the position of having to agree with your opposite number, The Mad Monk, Jug Ears Tony Abbott.

I simply cannot stand this abusive prat who changes his mind more often than I fart after dining (and trust me, that’s plenty). But for once, he is right on the money.

A full inquiry into the disasterous home insulation scheme is not only warranted, it should have been a given once the details of just how bad this scheme was, became public. Four people are dead, Kevin, FOUR. There shouldn’t have even been one but once that first tragedy occurred, why wasn’t someone stopping to think hmmmm maybe there is something wrong with this scheme after all. But nothing happens until after four people have been killed due to the dodgy nature of this dumping insulation over top of live wiring within house ceilings that was allowed to go on. And largely paid for by the Australian tax payer.

Just how many Australian homes have been turned into potential deathtraps?

Who is going to answer for ignoring the many warnings received from industry bodies that were in a position to be concerned?

For crying out loud – this whole thing is looking more and more like criminal negligence! And you have made me agree with Tony Bloody Abbott!

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