Burning the Koran?

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

It beggars belief that a so-called Christian pastor in the USA is going to hold a bonfire, burning copies of the Koran, supposedly to remember the Sept 11 attacks.

Exactly how is that going to achieve anything positive? All it will do is further inflame the very people on both sides who need little incentive to cause trouble as it is. Did militant extremists of the Islamic faith commit an atrocity in the attack on the World Trade Centre? Yes. Should that be condoned by any sane, rational person? No. But how does attacking the entire Islamic faith by burning the Koran do anything other than stir up more bigotry and intolerance?

Intolerance. That is what lies at the heart of this matter. This stunt is saying ‘the terrorists were Islamic extremists, therefore all of Islam is to be reviled.’ And these are Christians behind this stunt? What is this – a return to the values of the medieval Crusades? I suggest this pastor go and have a closer read of Christ’s teachings in the New Testament.

here is a question for these redneck, right-wing extremists in the USA – what about those Muslims have have aided the War on Terror, or whatever we are supposed to be calling it these days?

A friend of mine is unashamed of her Sunni Islamic faith. She is from Iraq. “Uh oh,” the redneck ratbags will be already thinking. “She is an Iraqi Muslim from the same sect as Sadam Hussein – she must be a bad one.

A reality check: my friend’s father was an opponent of Hussein’s and was murdered for his trouble; my friend worked as an interpreter for the US troops invading Iraq to topple Hussein; my friend was then forced to leave her homeland due to the death threats she received from Hussein’s die-hard supporters. Did the USA do anything to repay her support? Nope.

A thoroughly modern and independent person, not to mention being a talented poet, my friend was persecuted again on her return. She refused to wear the burka because there is no basis for it in the Koran. She believes she should be allowed to leave the house without having to be accompanied by a male member of the family. Ironically, she did enjoy those ‘freedoms’ during the Hussein days. But with the conservative Shi’ite faction now largely in control, she was forced to leave her homeland yet again.

According to these right-wing ratbags in the US, my friend is on the Islamic faith and is therefore ‘bad’. She is to be lumped in with the rest of of the Islamic world and symbolically burned by burning the Koran. Yet is my friend somehow a one-off? I very much doubt it.

Have any of these idiots given any thought to the idea that such a stunt could just encourage the militants and the moderates together in a unified front: the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Should the events at the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon be simply forgotten? No. Thousands of innocents were killed and rescue workers are developing all sorts of health problems from their exposure to all sorts of materials in the rubble. But is this blatant agitation of hate even remotely warranted? NO.

All this really demonstrates is the power of far-right conservatives have over so much of the political agenda in the USA. Sadly, Australia has its own right-wing elements determinedly heading in the same direction, forming a bloc of gross intolerance that is every bit as bad as the extremists they claim to e opposing.

That’s my rant.

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