Are you a Comsuper pensioner? Be afraid!

Posted: December 23, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I thought it time for an update on my continuing saga over my invalidity pension.

My pension was finally reinstated. And, after furious efforts on my part and attempts by Comsuper to put me off including even resorting to outright lies, I was finally paid backpay that I was entitled to.

Through this ridiculous saga of Comsuper losing documents, failing to act on information repeatedly provided, promising the world but only delivering a couple of badly eroded pebbles from the Stuart Desert, I have lodged formal, detailed complaints. I received written confirmation of these being lodged and also received assurances of certain explanations being made and data being provided.

I received a formal response to it all yesterday. In short, because I have dealt with other people in the organisation, the entire thing has been wiped. Thanks for coming, now piss off.

This is an organisation that:

  • has repeatedly lost documentation provided to them – proven!
  • has thought it fair play to outright lie to me – proven!
  • routinely fails to return promised contact – proven!
  • does not supply Call Centre staff with the correct data regarding pensions paid – proven!
  • has computer systems that are unable to cope with someone working part-time, forcing them to manually calculate pensions each fortnight – proven!
  • promises to provide information but routinely and repeatedly fails to do so – proven!

And now, having gone through hell on wheels just to get my pension properly reinstated, Comsuper think it is quite fine to just blow off formal complaints with a single paragraph response that figuratively says ‘hey – you got your pension back so piss off.’

This mob are in charge of literally billions of dollars of people’s money. They are in charge of safeguarding those monies and with establishing a pension fund that will actually pay people their entitlements. Based on current performance, I wouldn’t trust this lot to organise a trip to the public shithouse.

Are you a member of CSS, PSS, Defence Super etc? Then be afraid. Be very, very afraid. Because this lot will stuff you and your pensions up. They do not give a rat’s arse about the financial and emotional stress they will cause you. They will refuse to do anything unless forced to it by someone shouting at them. Contrary to popular belief, I do not enjoy doing that. They will lose your records. They will willingly lie to you. And we are somehow supposed to be happy about leaving them in charge of our financial future???

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