they get rehab, we just get in trouble

Posted: March 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

Ricky Nixon has really screwed up. I doubt anyone will contest that statement. But has anyone ever noticed that for the rest of we poor sods, if we crack up or have problems with the drink, whatever, we just become part of the numbers game that is Australian pyschiatric care and that’s pretty much it? Two trips to the funny farm myself, and overcoming alcohol abuse. But if you are ‘somebody’, you get ‘rehab’. Britney Spears has a mental breakdown, she goes into ‘rehab’ in what was apparently a private psychiatric facility. Charlie Sheen continues his years of erratic behaviour, he has to go rehab. Michael Douglas couldn’t keep his pecker in his pants, he needed ‘rehab’ for sexual addiction. I am surprised that Shane Warne hasn’t been into ‘rehab’ for his habit of failing to keep it tucked away in his undies. How many trips to ‘rehab’ has Brendan Fevola gone through? And now that Ricky Nixon is in trouble, he also has to go into ‘rehab’. No, he says, there was nothing actually going on with the girl in question, although to be fair, her credibility is about on par with Joe Hockey denying Liberal Party leadership aspirations, but to cope with it, Nicco (as we called him at school – that’s my lame claim to fame) has to go into ‘rehab’ to cope.

You name it, it seems to be covered these days by the ‘panacea’ of ‘rehab’, some special form of ‘treatment’ for ‘special’ people who are somehow better than the rest of we poor slobs.

Here endeth the rant

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