Julia, my Julia, what a sickly, sickly display

Posted: March 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Julia Gillard, Prime Minister of Australia. The US Houses of Congress. What a sickly, sickly sweet combination.

The Red Roughy’s [for my North American friends, that is a brightly orange coloured fish] performance was the most grovelling, sycophantic thing I have ever seen. And to think that not long ago we were sticking the boot into John Howard for his blind following of Georgie Wubblya Bush.

Should the US need any further proof that for whatever reason, that Australia blindly follows wherever they may lead, it just needs to look at how eagerly Howard threw us in with Georgie Wubblyah that Saddam had whacking great piles of Weapons of Mass Destruction laying around all over the place. Tripping over them he was! I tell ya boy, them things was blowing up all over the place, soon as spit terbaccy on ’em! Never mind it has since been amply demonstrated that intelligence services, both US and Australian, were saying “actually, we don’t think that’s quite correct.” But off we toddled, part of the Alliance of the Terminally Dyspeptic against the Axis of Really-Quite-Naughty-Boys-Indeed or some such claptrap sounding like the cover of a Marvel comic. All based on a whopper, a prevarication, in short, a lie. So our friends in North America already know that we can be sold the Brooklyn Bridge at ease. They didn’t need reminding.

No, I am not setting out on an anti-US rant. The great love of my life was a Seppo* after all. But in this day and age, was it really necessary to carry on like a grateful colonial native, ever so grateful to Bwana and his White Fella Magic for the used shirt and stick of barley sugar, hopeful that by licking the boots long enough, a plug of tobacco might also arrive?

Julia, I am embarrassed, and that sure as shit ain’t easy to do.

*rhyming slang – Septic Tank = Yank

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