an end to the Comsuper saga – almost

Posted: April 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

An end to the saga about my superannuation invalidity pension and Comsuper is almost here.

Last Wednesday I received advice that Comsuper were about to make me an offer to resolve this whole mess that they created. To refresh your memory, as well as months of poor information and messing around, Comsuper recently decided that yes, they had underpaid me but at the same time they had also failed to deduct the right amount of tax deductions leaving me a whacking great tax bill to be repaid to Comsuper before June 30.

Under a national scheme introduced in 2009, many victims of government department ‘defective administration’ can now seek compensation. Now we’re not talking multi-million dollar settlements like the things you see reported in the press coming out of the courts. The object of this compensation exercise is merely to return the victim to the position that they would have been in had the loss not occurred.

Last Thursday I received the official offer and accompanying documenation that I had to return which included an indeminty for Comsuper from further action over this matter. Seeing as I was getting what I wanted so I had no qualms about agreeing to the proposal.

I now have confirmation that my arrears and compensation payments (which reimburse me for additional tax deductions being taken from my arrears) are now being processed.

We’re almost there. It’s only taken some six months, but we’re almost there. But I shan’t be saying it is definitely closed until I have actually received the payments in question.

On a more positive note of sorts, I am assured that the details of my case have been passed to relevant members of the Comsuper executive in order to demonstrate just how shoddy their ‘service’ has actually been. So hopefully no other poor sod has to go through the garbage that I had forced onto me.

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