A Popsicle Award

Posted: October 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

It has been quite a while since I awarded anyone one of my Popsicle Awards, to commemorate someone who only has a Popsicle stick keeping their ears apart.

I have just discovered a new angle on the infamous Nigerian scam that regularly infests our spam email. This one is telling me that I have been awarded a huge pile of money by both the Nigeria [sic] government and the World Bank to compensate me for past Nigerian scam activities! I have already been sent $10,000 as the first instalment and I have a total of $250,000 waiting for me. Or so they say.

It beggars belief that these sorts of things are still coming out.

On this occasion, I am awarding a dual Popsicle Award:

  • to the spammers for thinking I am that stupid to fall for that crap
  • to the idiots out there are who are stupid enough and greedy enough to fall for that shit.

Clearly there are still far too many people out there with only a Popsicle stick keeping their ears apart.

  1. A. Virtue says:

    That is a new one, and so funny – where exactly did they put your $10,000 without your um, banking details? Too bad you can't just email them and tell them to donate all the cash to Somalia eh?

  2. Wordsmiff says:

    good question – and I think donations to the Rossco Memorial to Congential Idiocy would be nice

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