Screechin’ and cringin’

Posted: October 1, 2011 in Uncategorized
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What on earth was Vanessa Amarosi doing?

Getting to sing the National Anthem at a major event is a pretty big gig. The total audience watching Vanessa Amarosi ‘sing’ Advance Australia Fair in the opening of the Grand Final of the Australian Football League at the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground, must have been up around the two million mark. And make no mistake – Amarosi can sing. But on this occasion, she screeched more like an angry Dickensian fishwife than anything else.

Here’s a thought for you. How about trying Ricki-Lee Coulter next year? I am prepared to bet she would do a top job.

The other major ‘entertainment’ for the day was the appearance of Meatloaf. Yet again, the dreaded cultural cringe has reared its bloody ugly head. Yet again, it was deemed necessary to import someone for the occasion. Don’t get me wrong – back in the day, Meatloaf ruled. Bat out of Hell is still one of my favourite albums. But that was more than thirty years ago for crying out loud. Are we  really incapable of finding good local talent to entertain on the big day? Do we always have to resort to importing old names from the past? And how often do these imports really do that good a job? Meatloaf didn’t.

So again, I ask the question: why is it that for big events, we Australians still feel it necessary to resort to importing ‘talent’. Why, after all these years, is the bloody cultural cringe still making its presence felt? It really is a sad case of affairs.

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