But. Not. The. Cricket.

Posted: November 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

We have just seen a very exciting, two-Test cricket series played between Australia and South Africa.

So here’s my rant. With all of these wonderful, new free-to-air television stations available in Australia, why is that the only people who were able to see the televsision coverage were those with pay-tv connections? What happened to previous governmental assurances that free-to-air sport would remain free-to-air? But there is plenty of room for crap so-called comedies and old programs that ceased to be interesting or amusing years ago. Even thirty-year-old Leyland Brothers docos are being broadcase. But. Not. The. Cricket.

When checking details online about just what had been happening, I found a link via baggygreen.com.au, which is merely a re-direction to nine-msn, which promised video highlights. Except that even the video highlights were not licensed to be shown.

Fair suck of the sauce bottle!

Thank goodness for ABC radio and the Grandstand radio coverage lead as ever by Jim Maxwell. It was a first-rate coverage, even allowing for my distaste for Geoff Lawson and his broadcasting. Honestly, at times I think Lawson will only be happy if bowlers get to decide when a batter is out, not umpires, and batters are forbidden from hitting the ball. I was a bowler, in my own very modest way, and I hated batters when I had the ball in my hand, but even I wasn’t as over-the-top as Lawson gets sometimes.

Incidently, what a gem Farnie de Villiers has turned out to be as a commentator! I near wet myself laughing when he became particularly animated, referring to an English cricketer as a ‘real smart-arse’ in that thick, Africaans accent. I sincerely hope someone brings him out to do commentary on the next South African visit Down Under.

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