Last Man Standing? Fail. Big Fail.

Posted: June 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

I am watching the ‘premiere’ of Tim Allen’s new show, Last Man Standing.

From the promos I had a feeling that this was just a repackaged Tooltime Tim from Home Improvement. I was right. The sons are replaced with daughters but that’s about the only real difference. Instead of tools, it is sports materials. Instead of a television show, it is a website. Instead of an attractive Patricia Richardson as the wife, it is an attractive Nancy Travis. So far all that is missing is the equivalent of the mysterious, all-knowing neighbour. But I suspect that won’t be far away.

About all that has really changed is that Allen is greyer, and fatter with a small double-chin and more wrinkles. Is this really the only role that Tim Allen can get back on the idiot box? I suppose he couldn’t keep doing Santa Claus movies for ever.

This really is not worth the time or effort of picking the remote up to turn it on.

Fail. Big Fail.

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