Will the real Clive Palmer please stand up?

Posted: July 14, 2012 in Uncategorized
Picture: Glenn Barnes

Something has just struck me a blinding mental blow.

It has become almost something of a national past-time to ridicule and make fun of Australian billionaire mining magnate, Clive Palmer. But we’ve been entirely wrong to do so.

Now Clive has been anything but reticent in making all sorts of press statements in recent times. To mention just a few:

  • Picture: Lisa Clarke Source: The Courier-Mail

     he was giving up on Wayne Swan’s seat and instead going after independent, former National Party, hat-wearing, gun-toting, redneck Bob Katter’s seat (despite Katter’s stranglehold that ain’t gonna be broken in a hurry – watch out Clive – Bob might just start loading mining-magnate-gauge shot)

     But now the penny has just dropped. Clive Palmer clearly has a quite big picture plan in mind.

    Obviously the grim spectre of the CIA really is controlling our not-so-little corner of the Antipodean world, with President Obama about to declare us the next State within the Union – and Prime Minister Jul-i-ah can do a reprise of her tearful speech to both houses in the US about how the US can do ‘anything.’ And we’d almost certainly lose all that which is great and good about Australia – cricket and football. And we can’t have that, can we! Although perhaps one of the US’s super-smart-missiles might be just what we need to regain the Ashes.

    Then adding to the disaster, we’ve been dodging the pieces of the sky that are now falling in all over the place following implementation of the Carbon Tax so clearly we are definitely in need of saving.

    The key to fixing these terrible disasters is obviously a free press. And now our dear, philanthropic Clive, will come to the rescue with his own online newspaper!

    “Oh no,” I can hear you all cry. “Won’t the terrible CIA just take that over as well?”

    Fear not, dear friends, because philanthropic and saviour-of-all-that-is-great-provided-it-benefits-him Clive has the answer there too. You see, that is where the new Titanic comes in – Clive will dump all his former Fairfax journos on the ship and sail them gleefully around the world and keeping them out of the clutches of the US spooks.

    See – all we need to do is keep a clear and open mind about things and they all make sense, don’t they?

    Now if you have an opinion on what I’m blathering about or even just feel like saying hi, then don’t be afraid to leave a comment or post something to me via Twitter or Facebook. I don’t bite – at least not always.

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