Just how big a waste are politicians?

Posted: November 5, 2012 in Ranting

There is something about politics and politicians that leaves me cold. Grandstanding. Name-calling like kids bickering in the playground about whose turn it was to be on the swing. Gross distortion of facts in running scare campaigns. Setting things up like the popularity contest that was the running for a high school class president. All too often actually running the country seems to run a sad and distant second place.

Here in Australia we just have to look at Question Time in parliament at any level – Federal or State – to see literally hours spent on a mixture of shouting each other down, getting kicked out, ridiculous name-calling and stunts that they would never dare do outside of parliament where defamation laws actually apply and stupid Dorothy Dix questions artlessly placed as friendly set-ups instead of meaningful debate.

“Mister Speaker – I must object to the Prime Minister calling me a poopy-breath.”
“Oh you liar. I did not!”
“Did too!”
“Did not!”

And so on.

Another face of the political animal has been on display in the lead-up to the US presidential race. Current estimates are that by the time it’s all been decided, about two billion dollars will have been spent by the combined efforts of the Obama and Romney campaigns. That’s two billion dollars. And if we added in all the spondulicks spent by the unsuccessful nominees for the Republican Party nomination, who knows how high that figure would become.

Is it really necessary to blow that much on a single election campaign? How much real good could have been done by donating even half that amount to welfare programs?

Then there is the matter of who are becoming the most influential speakers and commentators on this presidential campaign. Political analysts and journalists? Nope. It’s celebrities. Apparently, at least in the mind of the political machine, my friends in the States are incapable of making a reasoned decision without a bevy of celebs to help make their minds up for them.

“Ooo look, dear, she had a five minute slot on Dallas once. She’ll know what to do about the economic ramifications of an exit strategy from Afghanistan.”

Admittedly Obama has had the edge in the celeb stakes with Boobylicious Katy Perry bouncing around on stage to help extol the Benefits of Being Barak. In contrast, Romney had his keen supporter, Meatloaf, err…. sing. America the Beautiful. I think. Was a bit hard to tell.

Just to put the Meatloaf thing into perspective, I was in my mid-teens when Bat Out Of Hell ruled the airwaves. Not just ruled but RULED. And now I’m within spitting distance of fifty. Do the math, people. Yet all that was missing from Meatloaf’s performance for Mitt was the little red sweat rag he used to clutch in pudgy fingers while on stage in 1978. But what a performance Meatloaf put on at this Muster for Mitt. A terrible performance. A. Terrible. Performance. I actually felt a bit sorry for Romney. And a bit of me laughed. The only viable comparison between the two campaigns is that Meatloaf’s man-boobs are probably fast approaching the size of Katy’s bazongas.

Is this what the Presidency of the USA has been reduced to? Yes. Just as the politics of government throughout what was once called the West, the First World, has pretty much gone down the crapper.

“Vote for me because I’m the least objectionable billionaire!”
“Vote for me because I have no intention of keeping any election promises and you damn well know it.”

I have said it before and I’ll say it again. Why worry about global warming if we as a species probably aren’t worth saving anyway.

Here endeth the rant. For now.

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