Is Clive Palmer a dozy git?

Posted: May 15, 2014 in Ranting
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Well kids, it’s Clive Palmer time again.

In the wake of Tuesday’s Federal Budget, Palmer announced that he will be opposing the Budget in the Senate. Not his party will be opposing it but he will be. Of course Palmer isn’t actually in the Senate to oppose anything. Clearly it is Palmer’s opinion and only Palmer’s opinion that matters within the Palmer United Party (PUP). The couple of important Senate seats held by PUP emphasise that Palmer has direct control over voting in those Senate seats. He didn’t just buy his way to his own seat in Parliament, he effectively bought additional seats, giving him what I believe is an unprecedented position multiple seats controlled by one person in Australian Parliament.

palmerA big question about PUP was whether this was a genuine grouping of like-minded people of a particular political persuasion or just Palmer seeking to extend his own business interests courtesy of some Senate dupes. Well when he isn’t dozing off as he did yesterday, he is rarely there. Clive Palmer almost never bothers to actually attend Parliament. In the last parliamentary session, he was only there to actually vote once which is allegedly the worst ever record by any single politician in our Federal Parliament. Wherever Palmer’s interests may lie, clearly his seat in Parliament isn’t one of them. This begs the question yet again, why is he there? Can we believe anything he ever says? Not in my opinion. Take for example the PR campaign leading up to the rerun of part of the last Federal election in Western Australia (after the Australia Electoral Commission lost some 1,300 ballots), in which Palmer announced he is in favour of reduced emissions targets. But during his blitz in WA where he allegedly spent more than either of the major parties, he clarified that position. It is ‘natural’ emissions that need to be controlled according to Palmer. What? Is he going to try and stop the cows farting? In short, it was complete bullshit.

Clive Palmer is either a congenital idiot or playing a bigger, nastier game. As much as I despise the man, I doubt he is a congenital idiot given the billions he has made therefore it increasingly looks like he is up to something else. And, sadly, enough Australians have been duped to give him that parliamentary power.

OK, Ross has had his rant so over to you – what do you think Clive Palmer is up to?

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