Posted: May 24, 2014 in Ranting
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I’m not due for another rant until next week however this latest breaking news is just too good an opportunity to pass up.

As I have previously noted, the House of Representatives in the Australian Parliament is overseen by the Speaker, a role filled by someone elected from the body of Members of the House. Once someone is appointed to the role of Speaker, they are REQUIRED to be a neutral arbiter over debate and parliamentary procedure.

Speaker  Bronwyn Bishop (photo credit Andrew Meares)

Speaker Bronwyn Bishop (photo credit Andrew Meares)

The current Speaker is Bronwyn Bishop, a long-standing member of the Liberal Party of the Australia who are the primary partner in the Liberal National Party coalition and govern Australian (in a pretty loose description of ‘govern’!). Now I have repeatedly ranted about Bishop’s abuses of her position and how clearly she has been shown to be openly in cahoots with her political party, throwing the rules and protocols out the window. But now the evidence of her abusing her position is unrefutable.

Bishop has been using her Speaker’s office to host expensive fund-raisers for the Liberal Party of Australia. Bishop has admitted it via a spokesperson, declaring “nothing illegal or improper about the practice, and no official rules appear to exist.”

That statement consequently makes it very clear that Bronwyn Bishop believes it both legal and proper for her to abuse her position, charging Liberal party donors $2,500 each for a function last week in her Speaker’s office, a function briefly attended by Tony Abbot. It may be technically legal, although I would be very interested in an independent legal review of that, but how in any shape, manner or form, could that stunt possibly be ‘proper?’

Bishop’s justification? It was very clearly shown in the statement from her spokesperson:

“Impartiality is required from her in the chair and that’s how she conducts herself. “There is nothing about impartiality in any other part of the building except when she’s in the chair.”

It is now only too well known that Bishop, despite all the prior protocols and expectations, continues to play an active role in the Liberal Party cabinet meetings, making a complete mockery of her supposedly neutral position.

This behaviour is UNACCEPTABLE. It has made a complete mockery of our Parliament. Bronwyn Bishop’s deliberate abuse of her position makes her a complete and utterly contemptible fraud of a Speaker.

If you are, like me, pretty pissed off, then take action with me. Start writing or emailing. And here are some links to use:

The Governor-General (as either representative of our head of state or the head of state, depending which argument believe)

The Prime Minister (even Tony Abbott cannot get away with letting this continue!)

The Opposition (the Labor Party have previously lodged motions of no-confidence but cannot be allowed to let this matter rest)

The Greens (the main minor alternative with some clout in the Senate)

The observant might have noticed that I am not including the Palmer United Party. That is because in my opinion PUP is a political abortion, the product of a billionaire’s desire to further warp the system to benefit he and his cronies. To involve them means giving them a degree of legitimacy that they have well and truly forfeited any right to having.

UPDATE 26/5/14 Earlier this morning on ABC Radio (666 AM), Christopher Pyne was interviewed in his position as Leader of the House in the Abbott Government. He was expressly asked about the above behaviour of Speaker Bishop. Instead of responding properly, he simply ducked the issue by criticising a Labor Member who was raising the same concern. Then had a crack at Labor for Gillard appointing Peter Slipper as Speaker. In my experience, when a political party starts ducking the issue like that then there is more than just smoke, there is a raging inferno. This merely strengthens my resolve – this vile abuse of position MUST STOP!

Agree? Disagree? Don’t be afraid to lodge a comment or follow.

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  1. More shit, corruption and hypocrisy from already morally bankrupt band of pinheads. Democracy? Impartiality? What are they?

  2. I can’t believe everyone in Australia isn’t demanding the Liberal thugs get out of government. They are worse than Pauline Hanson. That Bishop idiot even told the labour party to hold their applause during Bill Shortens budget reply (which they ignored). Who do these liberals think they are. They would look proper wearing a swastika.

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