‘Celebrity?’ Oh puh-lease!

Posted: May 26, 2014 in Ranting
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Time for another rant about the concept of celebrity. Exactly what makes someone a celebrity? Why? And why should we care?

A while back, all of a sudden ‘entertainment’ and ‘celebrity’ news kept talking about Brynne Edelsten. She was getting featured on Australian television programs. But who the heck was she? Surely she wasn’t married to ….

Yep. Brynne Edelsten was married to Geoffrey Edelsten. And somehow that made her a celebrity.

How soon people forget.

Geoffrey_Edelsten Geoffrey Edelsten was a flamboyant figure back in the 1980s, turning medical centres into a major money spinner. And he made enough from handing out prescriptions to be able to buy an Australian football club, the first such private ownership in Australia – the Sydney Swans. Until he went broke. And he had his first blonde trophy wife, the then-19 year-old model, Leanne Nesbitt. He was dregistered as medical practitioner for using unqualified staff to perform laser surgery. He then fled inter-state from New South Wales to Victoria in order to resume practicing medicine but was struck off the register there as well. And finally in 1990 he was convicted and placed in prison for one year for perverting the cause of justice. He later tried to re-register as a medical practitioner but his application was refused.eddelsten old

I doubt there were many lamenting his decamping to the US. Surprise, surprise, once State-side he ventured out once more into turning medical centres into fancy money spinners. And filed for bankruptcy once more.

Somehow suddenly having another blonde, buxom trophy young wife made him a celebrity once more, to go along with his drastic change of appearance (which I think looks remarkably like a poorly made up corpse). And his wife also a celebrity, taking up screen time and column inches. Brynne even ended up with her own ‘reality’ television show. For all I know Brynne may be the sweetest person on the face of the earth but her reality program presented her as pretty much an empty head 220px-Brynne_Edelstenwho didn’t even know that to cook potatoes without peels meant you had to first peel the spuds. “Oh – I thought they just… went away.”

In 2009 when he took possession of Brynne at the altar, Edelsten was busy raising donations for his charity the Great Expectations Foundation, which was supposedly helping out organisations such as beyondblue and the Royal Children’s Hospital. Except three years on it was reported in the media that organisations supposedly on the receiving end from Eddlesten’s Foundation weren’t actually receiving money with some severing relations with Eddlesten’s mob. Further, it was found that his Foundation was bandying around names of large organsations that had never received anything from them and weren’t even aware that he was using their names in his Foundation’s advertising.

So a twice-bankrupt, twice-deregistered medical practitioner, criminal with background as dodgy as all hell did a runner to another country where he somehow makes millions again and talks a young fitness instructor into becoming his latest acquisition. And cheats on her with another youngster. And engages in more dodgy stunts. And reports bankruptcy yet again. Yet the dynamic duo became the new darlings of ‘celebrity’ columnists.


So what makes a celebrity? What made this pair suddenly so famous? Over to you.

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