The descent of a democracy into facism

Posted: May 31, 2014 in Ranting
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How much proof do we need people that we have an obscene parody of government in Australia? An extremely bad joke of a governing party. A Speaker of the House in blatant cahoots with her party despite all protocols and requirements for neutrality, even using her position to raise money for her party. A government that directly involves itself with a supposedly independent panel for awarding honours, telling them who they should be giving awards to with members of the committee publicly complaining. A Prime Minister who appoints a new committee for his Literary Awards stacked with conservative-friendlies. And now the word has well and truly gone out – no member of the party ‘faithful’ is allowed to speak out or they WILL be punished!


Gary Humphries

Gary Humphries has been a long-standing member of the Liberal Party of Australia. For years he was active in the ACT Legislative Assembly including a lengthy time as Leader. He then left ACT politics and won a seat in the Senate. Now I am no fan of the Liberals and not always a fan of Humphries however he has been subjected to some appalling treatment by his own party.


Zed Seselja

First there was his position on the ballot for the Senate. Zed Seselja became leader of the Libs in the ACT Assembly in the wake of Humphries heading upstairs to the Senate. He ran two election campaigns in highly questionable manners. First up, he offered nothing less than a bribe – if they won, every age pensioner would receive a $500 payment – the age pension is NOT a State or Territory matter. It was just a blatant bribe to the ‘grey’ voters. It failed. Then next time up to bat, he ran a campaign declaring as fact that if the Labor government was returned, it was going to triple property rates taxes. The clear implication was that this going to happen straight away. The claim was ridiculed. Even the author of the report they kept quoting and waving around said they were wrong. But that didn’t stop Zed and his mates from continuing to declare it to be true. The reality? The report in question had forecast rates income would treble over time due to continued population growth and property development – without increasing the actual rates! This was really quite clear but it didn’t stop Seselja from deciding to twist it into a fear campaign based on a blatant lie. That failed.

Having lost his second crack at becoming Chief Minister, Zed decided his future lay elsewhere so declared he was going to be running for the Senate instead. The subsequent dramas were widely reported in the press with all sorts of shenanigans going on – stacking of party meetings, manipulating party rules and quora to get Zed the necessary numbers to give him top billing. And he got away with it. So Gary Humphries lost his Senate seat.

Despite the distasteful way in which he was dumped, Humphries had been a long-serving and faithful member of the party and was awarded the Margaret Reid award for more than 25 years of outstanding service to the Liberal Party.

The former Senator now made a big mistake. He dared to express a public opinion. Not sour grapes or such but echoing similar sentiments being expressed elsewhere, that the Liberal Party needed to change its direction or face an angry electorate. And in retaliation, he has been stripped of his award. How dare you express an opinion that is contrary to what the Mad Monk and his disciples want broadcast! I was less than impressed to note that Seselja was on the committee stripping Humphries of his award. Reports are that Seselja was not present at the meeting where this decision was made but given his past track record I do not believe for a moment that his hands were clean.

Tony Abbott


Malcolm Fraser

We must not forget, people, that this is a government that insists it is in favour of free speech. That was their justification for wanting to dumb down the Racial Discrimination Act – a piece of legislation that has only caught one person to date under section 18c (the piece of the Act to be specifically dumbed down) and the solitary transgressor was Andrew Bolt, as disgusting a journalist as there is going around in Australia who is a blatant friend of the Libs.And his article of hate speech against Aboriginals was only ‘free speech’ according to Abbott and co, hence their desire to essentially remove such a restriction. I find it exceedingly hard to believe they would even be going down this path if it had not been a Lib’friendly journo (although calling The Blot a journalist is an insult to every real journalist out there). But clearly the concept of ‘free speech’ does not extend to anybody daring to question the party. The Mad Monk cannot do anything about the bulk of the population speaking out but he and his mates can feel free to bully their way to publicly disciplining any member of the party daring to speak out. Provided they aren’t actually in Parliament and part of Abbott’s apparently shrinking band of cohorts and thus needed in the party room. I am sure the MM would have loved to have taken action against former Liberal Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser for not just criticising the Abbott government but for also speaking out against the previous government of John Howard who was Abbott’s mentor. But MM couldn’t take action against Fraser because Fraser had resigned his membership of the Liberal Party in 2009, shortly after Abbott was elected Leader by one vote (including a vote from disgraced ex-Lib, Peter Slipper).

So Gary Humphries becomes the sacrificial goat. Toe the party line, trumpet how wonderful Tony Abbott and co are or YOU WILL BE PUNISHED.

The Australian Labor Party has its bloody stupid factional system screwing things up with just one particular faction, the ridiculous NSW Right, shown to have an obscene amount of control and influence. And the Liberal Party is now run by an increasingly facist methodology and ideology. And yes, Gary Humphries (and Malcolm Fraser and others) are right – the Liberal Party needs to change. Not that I particularly want them to as they are on a fast track to get thrown out at the next Federal Election although I am not particularly thrilled by the prospect of a government under Bill Shorten either.

Again I ask – how much more proof do we need that this is a government THAT MUST GO!

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  1. I think that the great majority of Australians would agree with you Ross.

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