Yes Clive – we all know you’re speshull

Posted: June 2, 2014 in Ranting
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Clive Palmer has announced that his party shall hold the Budget up in the Senate unless Parliament gives him more staff. Except PUP already has more staff than the much larger Australian Greens. He has already been given special treatment but that is not enough. No, he demands more, declaring his party ‘is a special case.’

Clive Palmer (Photo: Nick Moir)

Clive Palmer (Photo: Nick Moir)

Yes, Clive, we all know that you’re speshull. Your behaviour demonstrates that only too well. Turning up to Parliament in your Rolls Royce. Declaring you are going to be campaigning for the Prime Minister’s job – clearly you have been watching too much television from the USA to think that you need to put together a campaign to win the Prime Ministership separate to the main electoral process. Declaring the CIA has bankrolled the Australian Greens in order to bring down the Australian coal industry. Not even bothering to turn up to Parliament most of the time. Receiving approval for massive new coal developments after entering Parliament along with taxpayer-funded gifts of extensive new railway to connect your coal fields to a coal port that is to be redeveloped.

Yes, the Palmer United Party is indeed a speshull case – the only political party that is the plaything of a billionaire more intent on making big noises and pulling stupid stunts than actually governing. When was the last time any of us heard any statement from one of the PUP Senators? Simple answer – we haven’t because the only voice in PUP that matters is Clive Palmer’s. Clearly nobody else’s counts.

Now not just the Australian Parliamentary system is to be held hostage to his demands but we taxpayers shall be paying the bills for it – hundreds of thousands of dollars.

How can anyone ever consider this clown a viable political alternative is beyond me.

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