Palmer United Party is a farce!

Posted: December 3, 2014 in Ranting
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The disaster that is Palmer United Party has reached ridiculous proportions.


Senator Jacqui Lambie

Former Deputy Leader of the PUP, Jacqui Lambie, has spectacularly fallen out with the Clive Palmer and has quit the party. Now her electorate, Tasmania, whether we like it or not, did vote for PUP, not Jacqui Lambie, crazed individual. Yet their desire to be represented by POP has been thwarted. Instead they are now to be represented by an unaffiliated Independent without any say in it. Other democracies force by-elections in such circumstances, but not here in Australia. No, you can party-jump or pretty much whatever you like and your bum is safe in your seat for the remainder of your term. This situation is hardly isolated and has happened on many occasions since Federation in 1901. But why? Why can’t an electorate get a say in who they want representing them? This really is utter nonsense.

Clive Palmer (Photo: Nick Moir)

Clive Palmer (Photo: Nick Moir)

In my opinion the Lambie saga also highlights, yet again, just how far PUP actually is from being an actual political party. By definition, a political party is a collective with a shared political ideal or shared political philosophy. But doesn’t have any such thing. The only voice in that ‘party’ that matters is that of Clive Palmer, whose billions are keeping the whole show afloat. He has the unilateral power to sack staff belonging to other members. He has the power to unilaterally appoint and suspend people from positions within the party. Sorry, but that isn’t a political party.

Again, in my opinion, PUP is not a political party but instead is a fascist farce. A billionaire has thrown more money around in key seats than his competitors, thereby effectively buying multiple seats in government. And as his voice is the only one that matters and as government have to deal direct with him over matters in the Senate, even though he doesn’t have a seat himself in the Senate, too all intents and purposes he has as many personal votes as there are PUP seats. And that includes effectively having vital Senate votes on matters he is ineligible to vote on in the House of Representatives due to conflict of interest. Forget about the actual PUP Senators, before Lambie’s dummy spit and departure Clive Palmer directly controlled three Senate seats and held the balance of power in his greasy fat hands. His ‘principles’ have been shown to be rather malleable depending on what concessions he can get out of the Abbott government.

There is something fundamentally wrong with our system if one individual can abuse it so badly in order to effectively become a morally bankrupt ruler of this nation.

During the Palmer-Lambie bust up, Palmer came out with a startling allegation: that for two years prior to her election to the Senate, Lambie was a paid full-time employee of PUP while still claiming injury compensation from the Department of Veterans Affairs relating to her prior military service. But that sort of compensation is for disability and the ability to work full-time negates it. Now outrageous statements from Palmer that are totally removed from reality are nothing new. But in the case of such a serious allegation – that of defrauding the Commonwealth – Lambie has simply refused to discuss it. Why? Could it be that in this instance the smoke really does hover over a bushfire? And if Lambie were found to have been defrauding the Commonwealth, what does that do to her current Senate position.

Now back to Palmer again. Are we to believe that Palmer only discovered the alleged anomaly of Lambie claiming disability while in full-time work, after he fell out with her? Or, as I suspect, was he actually aware of it all along and simply keeping it quiet for his own convenience (having assumed Lambie was going to be another of his mindless dupes).

The Palmer debacle continues outside of politics. He has had a long-running law suit against the Queensland government which included him offering to drop it all if they give him a heap of further concessions. Now he is embroiled in a law suit with a Chinese consortium suing him for allegedly corrupt business dealings in order to fund his party’s activities. Other MPs are forced to stand down from political offices such as Ministerial portfolios when faced with matters of such severity, however Palmer is already on the backbench. But he still gets to call all the shots for his Senate seats.

How much more evidence do we need in order to demonstrate that Clive Palmer and Palmer United Party are a complete electoral fraud with no more intention of ruling democratically than I have of doing a nude centrefold for Cleo magazine.

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