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Posted: December 10, 2014 in Ranting
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Doctor Dreadful

Doctor Dreadful

Yesterday the Abbott government backed off from the controversial $7 co-payment for visits to the doctor. In his Press Release, Abbott declared this was because they had ‘listened to the community.’ What a load of crap. This backflip was only because it should have been blindingly obvious to all that this was never going to get through the Senate. Whatever the general community thought about things didn’t matter. 

“This is a better scheme,” Abbott has crowed. And it is – if you think making the GPs the bad guys instead of placing blame with the government where it belongs, is somehow an improvement. This government’s hypocrisy goes further. Instead of the $7 co-payment, it is now proposed this be replaced by an ‘optional’ $5 payment. But the basic Medicare rebate to doctors’ is to be cut by $5 and the medicos then have the ‘option’ of charging another $5 to make up the difference and keep paying the bills. Yeah, right – shift the blame onto ‘greedy’ GPs while being able to angelically declare ‘we aren’t charging it – the doctors are.’

What pieces of shit we have in government.


Clive Palmer (Photo: Nick Moir)

The King of Straya

Clive Palmer has been happily boasting that this backflip on the co-payment is a victory for PUP, that it was PUP alone that brought it down. The fact that all the Greens and Labor Senators voted against it along with other cross-benchers, apparently doesn’t matter. Why don’t we kick all the rest out and just let Clive run the country – he already seems to think that he is.


Meanwhile in Ballarat, Victoria, the proposal to name a new suburb ‘Mullawallah’ after the last tribal Aboriginal in the area, has come under fire from locals. Why? Because it is so hard to pronounce. And clearly pronouncing something mull-ah-wull-ah is so incredibly difficult – if you have a speech impediment. The remaining 99.99% of us should have too many difficulties. Pick any street directory and you shall find harder to pronounce things. Yet this ridiculous argument has seen the proposal shelved with the honour to instead perhaps be bestowed on a park or street. What. A. Complete. Load. Of. Bullshit.

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