Are we now Morrimania?

Posted: January 3, 2015 in Ranting
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Crickey! I knew that Scott Morrison as Immigration Minister had been granted massive extra powers before shifting over to the super social services role. However I had not realised that this included not only the power to determine who may officiate at Australian Citizenship ceremonies, but even the specific content.

Meghan Hopper  is the Mayor of Moreland, a suburban area in inner Melbourne. And Hopper refused to read aloud the statement in question. As reported in the press, she did not want to read aloud the message because of the government’s controversial asylum seeker policies. “In my introductory speech as mayor, I made a commitment to uphold Moreland’s tradition of support for asylum seekers. This is a commitment I intend to honour”. Ms Hopper said she did not want to be”forced to act as a mouthpiece for a government whose policies this council does not agree with”.

Scott Morrison, apparently King of Morrimania

Scott Morrison, apparently King of Morrimania

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection confirmed that the reading of the minister’s message is not compulsory under legislation. However Morrison responded to Ms Hopper by declaring it was his “prerogative” that the message be read aloud. Ms Morrison was then presented with a Letter of Agreement that she was to sign as a declaration that she shall comply with this Ministerial “prerogative.” And unless Ms Hopper has not signed that LoA by January 10 then Morrison declared “I will withdraw your authority, and that of the deputy mayor and general manager, to preside at Australian citizenship ceremonies.”

Who the hell does Scott Morrison think he is? Since when did this cease being Australia and become Morrimania under King Scott, the School Bully? Since when did he become above the law?

It is now up to the new Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Peter Dutton, to decide if he is going to continue with Morrison’s megalomania. We can only hope he does not but I would not be holding my breath for a change.

Surely I am not the only one who is heartily sick of these disgusting bully boy tactics?

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