Can the AFP continue to ignore this?

Posted: July 28, 2015 in Ranting
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Emailed to the Commissioner of the AFP, Andrew Colvin

Dear Commissioner

Re: Speaker of the House of Representatives Bronwyn Bishop

I am writing to draw your attention to significant discrepancies in formal and public statements by Speaker Bishop in regard to claims she has made in respect of a publicly funded trip to the city of Albury in 2006.

The visit to Albury has previously been well documented in the media with then-MP Bishop and MP Tony Abbott attending the wedding of their parliamentary colleague, Sophie Mirabella. While in 2013 Mr Abbott repaid the $1,000 he had claimed for that trip, Speaker Bishop has consistently refused to do so, stating that she was on ‘official business.’ In light of recent revelations in the media, I would draw the following points to your attention.


  1. Speaker Bishop’s office has advised that Bishop was in Albury on official committee chair business at the time in question.
  2. It has now been reported that in 2006 the only committee that Bishop was chair of was the standing committee on family and human services.
  3. It has further been reported that at no time in 2006 did that committee have any official meetings or hearings in Albury.
  4. The former Secretary of the Commonwealth Remuneration Tribunal has confirmed that for an MP to be able to claim such expenses for ‘committee business’ it is necessary for there to be ‘official, organised and documented meetings.’
  5. It has also been reported that Bishop lodged this claim in documents in her own handwriting.
  6. Speaker Bishop has repeatedly and consistently refused to provide any details of her ‘official business’ in Albury.
  7. It was only late today, in the wake of increased media and public pressure, that Bishop has now claimed to have been attending ‘secret meetings’ in Albury, yet despite this matter having been in and debated within the public arena for a number of years, this is the first time that any reference has been made to ‘secret meetings’ making this sudden excuse suspect at best.
  8. Bishop has not offered any detail or confirmation of the ‘secret meetings’ to substantiate this sudden defence.


There appears to be increasing circumstantial evidence of potential fraudulent conduct by Bronwyn Bishop MP.


I would also draw your attention to a statement yesterday by Prime Minister Abbott in which he advised that the matter had previously been examined by the Department of Finance. I note the use of the past tense. Consequently the Minchin protocols have already been applied and there would be no grounds for referring the matter back to the Department for further consideration.


In the circumstances, given the increasing appearance of fraudulent conduct by one of the highest elected offices in the nation, I submit that the Australian Federal Police have no justification for failing to commence an immediate investigation.


Yours sincerely


Ross Hamilton

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