bishopBronwyn Bishop has now apologised for her dubious travel claims.

So what?

Bronwyn Bishop has stated she will now repay her dubious travel claims.

So what?

The big issue and one that now seems destined to fast being buried is the circumstances under which she made the claims in the first place.

Bishop claimed travel expenditure in order to visit the town of Albury in 2006, claiming she was attending to conduct official business as chair of a committee and the fact that this was at the time of Sophie Mirabella’s wedding was merely a coincidence. However it has now been shown that the committee in question did not meet in Albury at all that year therefore Bishop could not have made a legitimate claim for expenses. The sudden, last minute claim that she had gone to Albury for secret meetings comes across as a quite pathetic excuse.

If Bronwyn Bishop deliberately claimed those expenses for non-existent committee business, then this was nothing less than fraud. Whereas in the case of Peter Slipper the Australian Federal Police were quite happy to ignore the Minchin protocols, now they have serious reason to investigate potential fraudulent conduct by Bronwyn Bishop but have simply passed it over to the Department of Finance. This is an unacceptable stunt and the fact that the AFP previously took action on receipt of material coming from the LNP but now refuse to take action against a prominent member of the LNP also raises questions about the conduct of the Australian Federal Police in this matter.

This whole affair has become increasingly murky. Could we be seeing a cover up?

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