Hapless Honest Joe

Posted: September 22, 2015 in Ranting
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Some interesting things are come out of Malcolm Turnbull putting together his new Cabinet. Too much for just one post so I shall spread it over several.


Honest Joe

Joe Hockey. In a way I feel sorry for him…but only a little. I still do not trust him and if he does get the rumoured diplomatic posting then it will be nothing but a simple pay off to get rid of him.

From the moment he entered politics, Hockey was clearly intent on climbing the political greasy pole. Give him a dirty job and he went for it, boots and all, but obviously expecting repayment by further advancement. A case in point was the way he handed the Work Choices mess, viciously attacking any and all who questioned it.

The Work Choices saga was still going on in September 2007 when I listed to Hockey on Canberra local ABC AM. More attacks against anyone who dared question it. Then carrying on at length at how the Liberals were 100% behind John Howard. At the time there were debates about the future of the bell wether seat of Eden-Monaro. All the public polls were suggesting that Eden-Monaro was going to be lost to Labor. Hockey rubbished this, claiming polling by the Liberal Party showed they were definitely going to retain it – polls that were never released and we can be excused for thinking that they never existed. But when the presenter referred to the latest study produced by a university which supported the polls, Hockey launched into a tirade claiming the university research was a facade which just said what their union masters told them to say. Last I heard the researchers were going to take defamation action against Hockey for that outburst but I do not think it went anywhere.

Jump forward to about February 2008. And there was Hockey, one of the alleged Howard faithful who had rushed to be part of a documentary which saw them all assuring us that they had not really supported Howard or Work Choices. So why had Hockey been such a rabid supporter of Howard, Work Choices etc? Because he was not just fighting the good fight, he was fighting a fight of much greater interest to him – the advancing of Cause Hockey.

Once the Abbott government came into being, as Treasurer Hockey brought down their first Budget which was all about a financial crises that had to be fixed RIGHT NOW! And more parroting of the tiresome Labor’s Debt and Deficit Disaster slogan. The fact that elementary analysis showed that the crisis as presented was pretty much a load of crap did not stop Hockey. Long-term issues were being pushed as something that if they did not fix IMMEDIATELY we were all going to go under. In reality it was a slash and burn process that was not going to achieve much in either long or short terms. More political thuggery. I have no doubt that the planning for this was just Hockey on his own. But it did not stop him putting on the ‘Honest Joe’ sincerity to keep pedalling nonsense. Once more Hockey was going in boots and all to keep fighting the good fight. Eventually he was left trying to defend pretty much the indefensible.

In the end Hockey became the sacrificial lamb. We saw just how much of a sacrifice with revelations from Scott Morrison about how willing Tony Abbott, just hours out from the party room showdown, was to throw Hockey out of the lifeboat that was barely keeping his Prime Ministership afloat. And the history between Hockey and Turnbull made it a pretty safe bet that Hockey’s political advancement was at an end for at least the foreseeable future.

Joe Hockey has been a single-minded political fighter. In my opinion he has been a hypocrite, a man who would do or say just about anything to advance the political cause but more importantly his own future, and a man I would not trust to tell me the time of day if he would stand to gain by telling me the wrong time, but a willing and wholehearted fighter for his Party.

At the end of the day his reward was to be chewed up by the general self-serving political machinery. In the end I do not really blame him for deciding he had had enough. But I have little doubt that a damn good diplomatic posting shall be found for him that shall take him right away from the political arena where he can do little political damage.

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