An Open Letter to Shane Warne

Posted: January 30, 2016 in Ranting
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Dear Shane

Shane Warne (photo credit AAP)

Shane Warne (photo credit AAP)

I was wondering just when you decided that you and your Foundation were above the law? The rest of us involved in the non-profit and charitable sector accept that there are laws and regulations which we have to comply with and that includes providing sufficient financial data to regulatory authorities. But it is now unfair to expect you to comply as well?

Are you really so arrogant or stupid to think you could somehow be given a free ride not provided to the rest of us?

Your employer, Channel Nine, foolishly allowed you to use broadcasting time to launch defense of your Foundation during the tea break of a Test match. According to you, it was all a media beat up. Nothing in it. And further, you had written evidence that the Foundation was not under ‘investigation.’  But that was because that authority did not conduct ‘investigations’ as you described it. No, they call them something else. Playing with words is pretty easy, isn’t it Shane. Trying to blind us with bullshit?

In your public defense, you have repeatedly tried to convince us that the only reason that regulatory questions were being asked was because of ‘irresponsible reporting.’ Except that isn’t exactly true, is it. The foundation was already being examined before the story broke in the media, wasn’t it Shane. Because you wouldn’t comply with demands for financial information that the rest of us do not have the luxury of refusing. Isn’t that right, Shane?

If your Foundation truly has nothing to hide, then why the refusal to cooperate with Consumer Affairs Victoria? Do you really think that by having a celebrity dummy spit, everything would just magically go away?

We used to have to put up with your bullshit because of who you were – an elite player in our beloved national cricket team. But guess what – that’s not the case any more, is it Shane. You no longer have the clout to pull stunts like refusing to eat local food on tour and having the Australian Cricket Board air freight cases of baked beans over for your personal gluttony, do you Shane. Just because you have decided to have a real tanty and close the Foundation down, doesn’t mean the matter has gone away. And if you truly have nothing to hide, why go through with this charade?

Time to face the music, Shane. Just as you should have learned to keep your dick in your pants while on tour, it’s time you learned that you do not get to cry ‘unfair’ for having to comply with the laws and regulations that apply to the rest of us.

Time to grow a set of balls, Shane.

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