Dear Australian Football League

Posted: June 21, 2016 in Ranting
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A copy of the email I have just sent to Gillon McLachlan, CEO of the Australian Football League.

I refer you to the recent scandal regarding President of Collingwood Football Club, Eddie McGuire and your subsequent response.

This latest stunt is nothing new. Eddie McGuire has been making other highly inappropriate remarks and statements over the years but they are always let slide by. While you have issued a nicely worded statement, in reality, once again, the behaviour of Eddie McGuire has actually been allowed to simply pass by.

North Melbourne and their coach have been fined tens of thousands of dollars for inappropriate statements. But what has McGuire’s punishment been?


Your statement made much about strides forward by the AFL and gender equality. However by not doing a damned thing about McGuire, you have in fact made a complete mockery of your statement.

If you are indeed a “Male Champion of Change” then you would be doing something. But no, your statement does not even so much as mention Eddie McGuire, President of Collingwood Football Club. Any measures taken against McGuire and his club? No.

If the AFL in general and you in the specific, are to be believed in your statements then you need to do something concrete, not just bury it beneath meaningless words.

For your general information, I shall be disseminating the content of this complaint via Facebook and my blog,

Ross Hamilton

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