AFL copout

Posted: July 7, 2016 in Ranting
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I previously posted a copy of my complaint to the CEO of the Australian Football League, complaining about his frankly pathetic response to the latest Eddie McGuire scandal.

I have received a response from the AFL’s Director of Media. That ever so helpful person thought my complaint about the media statement by CEO of the AFL, was best addressed by kindly sending me a copy of the statement that I had complained about.

How much is the AFL paying that clown? A first year PR student could have run rings around that pathetic stunt.

Clearly the bottom line by the AFL is pretty much this. If any frustrated player, coach or club official says something in the heat of the moment that they shouldn’t about something such as umpiring, the AFL shall waste no time fining the persons and club tens of thousands of dollars.

Yet when it comes to Eddie McGuire, President of Collingwood Football Club, he is somehow exempt. His inappropriate behaviour is nothing new. And in the wake of his latest frankly disgusting behaviour towards a member of the media, something that he initially refused to even apologise for, the AFL CEO, in responding to the incident, fails to so much as even mention McGuire by name. Instead the opportunity is taken to blather about how brilliant the AFL is in gender equality with said CEO boasting that he is a Male Champion of Change.

Clearly the Australian Football League is still languishing somewhere in the 1950s at the latest, refusing to so much as consider the harsh realities that those old-time behaviours are simply not acceptable.

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