Exactly what is Christensen’s game?

Posted: February 9, 2017 in Ranting
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George Christensen – he is quite a puzzle.

I am pretty confident he holds onto his seat through some sort of influence at the local level of the Nationals. Holding some pretty good dirt on someone there?

But he sure ain’t happy in LNP, is he? He’s always upset about something.

At first I thought he must be cosying up to Pauline Hanson.  After all, he admitted to doing a deal with her to keep One Nation candidates out of his seat. Georgie-boy followed that up with declaring how much in sympathy he and ‘many’ other LNP people actually are. Was he preparing the way to jump ship in that direction?

Then there is one of Georgie Porgie’s latest stunts – buddying up with Bob Katter to push a bill for a banking inquiry. Are we truly to believe that there was not one of his LNP mates to go with on that? Instead it seems Bobby is Georgie’s new BFF. And as Bob just lost his last love, Rod Culleton, from the parliamentary ranks, he must be feeling lonely.

But then I thought a bit more and realised I was wrong on both counts. Georgie is merely aping his apparent idol – King of the Oompa Loompas, aka Donald Trump. Use influence to get into position then be a blatant hypocrite when you get there, creating as much havoc as possible while being a nasty vile little person in both spirit and action.

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