James Ashby – trying to be a crim?

Posted: May 22, 2017 in Ranting
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Is James Ashby thick or is he deliberately ducking the issue? I suspect the answer is little from column A and a bit from column B. However, one thing is quite clear – he still has the morals and ethics of a rabid sewer rat, together with a criminal mindset.

Let us backtrack for a moment. The news broke the other day that an executive meeting of the One Nation party, featuring the party’s supremo executive, Pauline Hanson and Ashby, touted the idea of a) ripping off party candidates for election materials and b) then defrauding the Australian Electoral Commission.

This was a staggering leak even from a party that seemingly knows how to do little else other than get headlines for all the wrong reasons.

There is a very harsh reality that nobody in One Nation seems the slightest bit concerned about, at least not in public. Of course, that may well be a matter of self-preservation in a party that has assumed many of the dictates of a fascist state – dare disagree with Hanson or Ashby and see how fast you get the boot.

James Ashby is the General Secretary of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party, assuming the role last month. That makes him one of the most senior persons in the party structure, solidifying the power that he had already amassed. Yet he saw nothing wrong with proposing to that executive group that they blatantly rip off both the Australian public and their own members. I repeat – one of the most senior people in the One Nation structure, saw absolutely nothing wrong with making that proposal despite it being bloody obvious it would be a criminal enterprise.

There was not a lot of real opposition to the Ashby proposal being expressed at the meeting and that little seemed focussed more on their members than the act of defrauding the Commonwealth. So it would seem that nobody involved in the meeting was terribly concerned about the criminal nature of the proposal.

Pauline Hanson is normally not media shy. Yet she was slower than usual to respond. And her response? We didn’t do it so it doesn’t matter. The fact that her General Secretary proposed acts of criminal fraud does not seem to have worried Hanson in the slightest.

So, what was Ashby’s response to the leaked audio?

Well, first it was an insistence that it was just merely a poor choice of words. Huh? There was nothing poor about that choice of words as it very clearly illustrated his intentions – defrauding people and government. And there was no way he could dress things up with ‘better’ words.

Then there was Ashby’s statement on radio that “The only thing that we were looking at doing was recouping some of the expenses that are associated with running that [Queensland] campaign…” Sorry Jimmy-boy – that ain’t true and you know it. The audio speaks for itself. You clearly proposed doubling the price of things to be invoiced to the Australian Electoral Commission, with those additional monies to be ‘the fat,’ the ‘profit’ on the arrangement. He also very clearly stated his intention was to use the Queensland election as a money-making operation.

Ashby’s next stunt to was to try and deflect attention, claiming the leaked audio was part of attempted blackmail ie poor little me and Pauline being picked on.

At no point has Ashby admitted that yep, he was definitely trying to do the wrong thing. Big time.

Seriously, Pauline, how much more serious must the problems with Ashby get, before you take some proper action? This proposal should have seen him shut down the moment he started proposing defrauding the Commonwealth. But he wasn’t. The moment this became public knowledge, Pauline Hanson should have acted decisively by immediately dismissing him from his position for attempting to involve her One Nation in criminal activity. But she hasn’t.

Pauline Hanson’s political judgement has often been called into question and her sudden appointment of James Ashby as chief of staff was certainly no exception to that rule. This despite his previous very public role in dodgy – to say the least – political opportunism and potential involvement in criminal activity. In my opinion, he was a very bloody lucky individual not to end up facing criminal charges over the theft and illegal access of the Slipper diary. Curious how the Australian Federal Police either shut down or refuse to investigate anything that may prove to be against LNP’s interests. Yet that certainly played in Ashby’s favour. However, his deciding to even become involved in the Slipper affair showed just how good his political judgement, his morals and his ethics actually are – simply shithouse. Yet that did not stop Pauline first appointing him then rapidly awarding him ever more authority within her pretence of a political party

What cannot be denied is that James Ashby has so little by way of morals or common, simple ethics, that he saw nothing wrong with openly proposing One Nation commence defrauding the Commonwealth. And that, my friends, is the mentality of a criminal, practically at the head of the One Nation political party.

This should be the absolute final straw. It is high time that a detailed forensic audit of all of One Nation’s affairs was conducted. Hanson has had ample opportunity to clean house but clearly can’t be bothered, so it shall have to be done for her. Or is Pauline looking forward to another trip to the Big House but without any guarantee of being released on a technicality this time?

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