Vale Tim Fischer

Posted: August 22, 2019 in Ranting
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Anyone who knows me will be aware that I am no fan of politicians in general and the Coalition in particular. But there can be exceptions – Tim Fischer was definitely one of those.

I recall a story about the younger Fischer one time leading a party on a trip through the Snowy Mountains. Coming across a nice pool of water, Fischer stripped off in front of everyone, dropping into the water for a pleasant soak, hat still on his head. He kept doing that with other parties but for modesty’s sake took to wearing some bathers underneath.

That is what I liked about Tim Fischer. Compared to so many politicians today, there was a notable absence of political bullshit about him. You knew where he stood on so many things and it was quite possible to respect the man while disagreeing with him. The current crop of Nationals are frankly not worth so much as spit polishing Fisher’s old army boots.

Fischer was also a humanitarian. That just added to his appeal for me.

In retirement he could have been busy writing salacious tell-alls but instead he did things like write a book on his life-long interest – trains.

Also a religious man, unlike PM SloMo the MoFo, Fischer did not see a need to bring the press into the church and be photographed in his pew or taking communion in order to impress us how wonderful he was.

Tim Fischer will long be remembered as both a ethical politician and human being.

Vale Tim Fischer 1946-2019

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