Fraser Anning and a nasty female canine

Posted: August 2, 2020 in Ranting
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Oh dear. With all that has been happening this year, I missed this little gem. But when I really did need a laugh, this gave it to me.

What prompted this eventual hilarity was Facebook reminding me that 12 months ago today, I posted a comment that bankruptcy proceedings had just started against Fraser Anning.

Fraser Anning. Remember him? He owed everything to The King of Tinfoil Hats, Malcolm Roberts. During the dual citizenship debacle in parliament, Roberts claimed he was the only one who was going to be found eligible as he was the only one who had done what he needed to do. And his mentor, Pauline Hanson, informed the world via a video on Facebook that she assured everyone, ‘hand on heart’ that she had seen the proof of Roberts renouncing his British citizenship. I recall remarking at the time that he probably opened a window, yelled out “I renounce!” and considered that enough. I wasn’t actually that far off.

With a total of 77 personal votes, Roberts was hardly a known quantity to people. But after Roberts was given the flick, the court having pretty much ridiculed his nonsense claims, he had to be replaced by the next person down One Nation’s list from the previous election. That was Fraser Anning. With a total of 19 individual votes. And while Pauline Hanson did not want him there, she didn’t have a choice. And immediately after being sworn in, Anning attended parliament and informed the President of the Senate that he no longer represented One Nation but was an independent.

What a choice piece Anning proved to be. Right from the start he was a nasty piece of work. His maiden speech included such lovely Nazisms as invoking a final solution option to non-European immigration and other such niceties. He soon proved to be the poster boy for far right violent extremism. Before long he did not appear anywhere without being attended by his fascist bully boy mates. All they needed were a uniform black shirt to really complete the picture.

Then, like others before him, convinced that he was only one who was really ‘right’, Anning started his own political party. *yawn* Now as much as I despise Pauline Hanson, I will give her credit for one thing – she has twice the cojones that the likes of Anning ever had. So, his party, Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party, was always going to struggle without the same guts and perseverance that people like Hanson have shown.

Now it turns out that Fraser Anning’s entry into politics was even more controversial than any of us realised. At the time he was looking at entering the Senate, two banks were chasing him for almost two hundred grand. And he couldn’t pay it. And he was facing bankruptcy. That would have seen him go the same way as the unlamented Rod Culleton, also formerly of One Nation, as bankruptcy makes one ineligible for parliament. So Anning stitched up a deal with the two banks, staving off bankruptcy while he was in parliament.

The year, 2019, was not a particularly good one for Fraser Anning.

First there was the egging incident on March 16, when Egg Boy (and that was already his nickname!) cracked an egg on Anning’s cranium in full view of media and lots of mobile phone cameras. Anning’s subsequent two punches on Egg Boy and an attempted kick as he was dragged away, were dismissed as self-defence. Egg Boy was only given a police caution. A bunch of Anning’s bully boy fascist mates leapt on the kid like they were the Maroon’s last line of defence in a State of Origin series deciding game. They were all let off. But the ever so brave one of Anning’s supporters who waited until the kid was under the weight of a bunch of adults before sinking in the boot, he was done for assault.

Anning was made look pretty stupid. Especially as he was busy, once more, making out how much of the evils around us were the fault of non-Europeans.

For a while, Anning looked like he might be picked up by Bob Katter and his party. Except he became too much even for Katter and was dumped.

Then it was 2019 election time. And Anning was kicked out on his arse. And none of his party’s candidates did any good either. Anning was rapidly being consigned into the ranks of the well and truly forgotten. Or was he?

Remember those two banks I mentioned earlier? They sure had not forgotten him. Now Anning was out of parliament, all other agreements were off. And twelve months ago, August 2019, they commenced bankruptcy proceedings. Although it seems by then, Anning had buggered off to the US and reportedly did not make appearances during these hearings.

For the rest of us, 2020 has been a wild ride so far. And with everything that has been happening, it is no wonder that this little gem of information slipped by a lot of us.

March 16, 2020, the courts finished their proceedings with the Anning case and he was formally declared bankrupt. Twelve months to the day after he was humiliated by a cackleberry, any of his remaining political aspirations have been well and truly canned.

Yep, that gave me a much needed laugh.

Sometimes, Karma really is a nasty female canine.





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