This was written after Culleton’s appearance at the High Court on January 31 and before Friday’s developments. But the essential attitudes are unchanged.

Oh, we’re off to see the Rodney

The wonderful Culleton of Oz


Rod Culleton considering his future (ABC News, Adam Kennedy)

Borrowing from The Wizard of Oz is not that inappropriate when it comes to Mister Rod Culleton. Judging from his performance at the High Court last Tuesday, Culleton is indeed in Lala Land. Although his chief of staff, Margaret Menzel, might be considered a poor substitute for Emma Stone. Read the rest of this entry »

It is surely a first that a President of the USA is being dragged to the courts considerably less than a week after his Inauguration. But it has happened–a crew of serious legal hitters have now filed a lawsuit against President Trump for his “…serious violations of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution created by the illegal payments he receives from foreign governments” as multiple breaches of the US Constitution. The argument is that nobody, including the President, is above the law. Read the rest of this entry »

Tennis. A few decades ago that was the Big Thing in Australia. Our cricket team was in the doldrums at the time. But our tennis still had the likes of Newk, Muscles Rosewall and Rod Laver. These were class players without all the bullshit that goes with the game today. No shouting abuse at umpires. No smashing racquets to a crumpled mess. No acting like pathetic brats. Read the rest of this entry »

An MP from the Liberal National Party in Queensland has just quit LNP and jumped ship to One Nation in the Queensland parliament. And this highlights a nasty constitutional hole which has been allowed to remain for far too long. Although our Federal MPs might be excused – it is hard to find time to fix constitutional issues when there are all those entitlements to be milked to the nth degree. Read the rest of this entry »

I have just had an epiphany.  A light bulb moment, if you will. And in typing that last fragment, it occurred to me – how did people have light bulb moments before there were light bulbs? Did Edison come up with the concept as a gas light moment? Or da Vinci realise he was having a lantern moment when he came up with the idea for the Mona Lisa’s smile? What about our cave-dwelling forebears? “Me. Og. Me have rubbing-two-sticks-together-real-fast moment.” Read the rest of this entry »

Wow. Credit, where credit is due. We have a pretty darn good government…in one respect at least. They have invented a whole new way to make money. All you to do is have a government department send out debt notices to unsuspecting schlubs and the money just rolls on in. And here’s the best bit – you don’t even have to have any proof that they owed the money in the first place! Sheer brilliance!! Read the rest of this entry »

Hello there, anonymous stakeholder-type person. So lovely to meet you here on the Gold Coast. Gosh – that is a lovely apartment over there. Wow – they only want $800,000 for it. And I just happen to have that here in my little purse. Oh I know – I am a terrible thing for my impulse buys.

That is what our Health Minister would have us believe. No, the taxpayer did not pay for her to go the Gold Coast on a property buying trip. She went there to meet unspecified stakeholders, and buying a $795,000 apartment there at the same time was a completely unplanned event. Read the rest of this entry »

After we pretty much turned the clock back twenty years last week with Pauline Hanson’s maiden speech in the Senate, the Prime Minister was quick to distance himself and the government from Hanson and the One Nation Party. But following claims from MP George Christensen, we could be forgiven for wondering just how far apart the government and One Nation really are. Read the rest of this entry »

Malcolm Turnbull has fired up, insisting that there will be a review into the debacle that has been Census 2016, threatening that heads will roll. But will the review look at everything that needs to examined and will the right heads be sent to the executioner’s block? Read the rest of this entry »

I have previously ranted on the subject of now former MP, Bronwyn Bishop, and some of her highly questionable expense claims.

The short version – some years back, along with her mate Tony Abbott, Bishop attended the wedding of former parliamentary colleague, Sophie Mirrabella. Abbott was caught out in late 2013 for having used his political entitlements to claim all travel and accommodation expenses for he and his wife to attend the wedding in Wangaratta, Victoria. His subsequent excuse was quite pathetic. He insisted that as he had been Manager of Opposition Business at the time (or some other grandiose title) he was entitled to assume the invitation had been to the office he held rather than to he, the individual. Read the rest of this entry »