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In the film Heartbreak Ridge, Clint Eastwood was given a rather lovely line. Playing the role of an ornery veteran US Marine, at a formal reception Eastwood was asked by the General commanding the Marines what he thought of an operation earlier that day. “It was a clusterfuck.” Not just a fuck-up but a whole cluster of fuck-ups. I suspect Eastwood enjoyed using that.

The description of ‘clusterfuck’ at times seems to be a pretty good assessment of aspects of certain things here in the Australian capital, Canberra. (more…)

Yet more on Constable Plod

Posted: November 19, 2011 in Uncategorized
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A little while ago I was posting about some fun and games with ACT Policing. One of my problems was that I had been named as a complainant against another person who was arrested by the police, yet I had not made any complaint at all. In response to my request for information on what this alleged complaint actually was, to my considerable surprise, a repeated insistence was made that I had to go through Freedom of Information processes in order to obtain that information. Yep, that’s right, I was not allowed to know what this complaint was that I supposedly made against another person, that police used to arrest him.

So I went and made my application for this information under Freedom of Information from the Australian Federal Police.

As it happens, the police subsequently informally confirmed via email that I had not made any complaint, but also stated that any person who speaks to the police made be deemed a complaintant even if they haven’t actually made a complaint against someone. How ridiculous is that!

The FoI documents recently arrived and the made very interesting reading.

As previously noted, Constable Plod was indeed monitoring this blog and copies of my posts were included in the police file. Nice to have fans! And if they are still reading, well, chaps, as for all the unkind things I had to say about Constable Plod and his mates – I meant every bloody word of it!

Where things became quite alarming was to see in these police records, the number of factual errors and subtle changes to things reported to them through this affair. Even more alarming again was to discover what may only be described as a blatant lie by one of the officers concerned.

The honesty and integrity of all the officers involved in this affair simply have to be questioned.

I considered posting all details of this and naming the officer concerned. But I am passing it all to the Ombudsman instead. The AFP’s Professional Standards area clearly are not taking my concerns seriously. For example, why on earth do the AFP issue someone with a history of violence towards others, with a document identifying me as being a complainant against him, when they admit that there was no complaint made at all?

These documents have just lowered my opinion of ACT Policing even further.