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This is as poignant an anti-war story by a veteran as I have ever come across. And in Australia, our then-Prime Minister, John Howard, gleefully joined in the orchestra of lies with Bush and Blair, committing our troops to the Coalition of the Gullible Willing. And just as in the USA and in Britain, actual intelligence, the real stuff, was conveniently ignored. First Iraq. Based on complete lies. Then Afghanistan. And John Howard was mentor to our current PM, Tony Abbott. And Abbott recently stated his commitment to a continuing of the War Against Terror. Continuing the bloody mess that Bush, Blair and Howard threw us all into? But Abbott has taken it a step further – while coming out with the usual politician’s mealy-mouthed pretense of support for troops, at the same time he moves to cut the governmental financial support for the children of Australian soldiers killed in this combat.

So, please, read this now. I challenge you to do so without asking that same question ‘why? (more…)