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I pitched this piece around the traps but nobody wanted it so here ’tis.

bishopFor a while it seemed impossible to watch or read the news without getting another instalment in the Bronwyn Bishop saga. Many of us breathed a sigh of relief when she finally stood down as Speaker of the House of Representatives. But months later, we should give thanks to Bishop for the significant opportunity she has provided us with. (more…)

It is official. The Australian Federal Police have wimped out on the entire Bronwyn Bishop saga and I now have the letter from them to confirm it, with one Commander Jennifer Hurst claiming responsibility. (more…)

bishopBronwyn Bishop has now apologised for her dubious travel claims.

So what?

Bronwyn Bishop has stated she will now repay her dubious travel claims.

So what? (more…)

Emailed to the Commissioner of the AFP, Andrew Colvin

Dear Commissioner

Re: Speaker of the House of Representatives Bronwyn Bishop

I am writing to draw your attention to significant discrepancies in formal and public statements by Speaker Bishop in regard to claims she has made in respect of a publicly funded trip to the city of Albury in 2006. (more…)

Oh dear. During my previous ranting it seems that I may have been mistaken about Her Royal Highness Bronwyn Bishop. Allow me to elucidate. (more…)

a copy of my email to Commission Colvin of the AFP

Dear Commissioner Colvin

I am writing with some considerable concern with respect to the Australian Federal Police refusal to investigate financial matters regarding the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Hon. Bronwyn Bishop. (more…)

SMALL UPDATE – at 20:00 20 July, a petition calling for removal of Bronwyn Bishop as Speaker has over 40,ooo signatories. Here ’tis

The Bronwyn Bishop saga continues and deepens. At the same time another pitiful effort is uncovered. (more…)

SMALL UPDATE – at 20:00 20 July, a petition calling for removal of Bronwyn Bishop as Speaker has over 40,ooo signatories. Here ’tis

bishopThe Hon. Bronwyn Bishop, Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Australian Parliament has previously made it abundantly clear that she has no intention of abiding by the required neutrality of her position. That significant breach of public trust has now been considerably compounded by her recent unacceptable claims of expenditure as electoral business. (more…)

I’m not due for another rant until next week however this latest breaking news is just too good an opportunity to pass up.

As I have previously noted, the House of Representatives in the Australian Parliament is overseen by the Speaker, a role filled by someone elected from the body of Members of the House. Once someone is appointed to the role of Speaker, they are REQUIRED to be a neutral arbiter over debate and parliamentary procedure.

Speaker  Bronwyn Bishop (photo credit Andrew Meares)

Speaker Bronwyn Bishop (photo credit Andrew Meares)


I had intended a more organised post expressly for #MondayBlogs. Unfortunately I am so distressed by a number of things it is going to be hard to be coherent .

Australia has just had its new Budget announced last week. The mantra accompanying it is that we all have to do ‘heavy lifting’. Despite repeated economic assessments that Australia is not in a position of budget crisis due to debt, that has continued to be their justification. Despite claim after claim after claim that there would NOT be any increased in taxes or cuts to welfare if this government was elected, it has been promise after promise after promise broken. This evening Treasurer, Joe Hockey, showed some guts in facing a large, hostile audience in a special edition of the current affairs program, Q&A. He did make some valid points. However he also revealed his blatant ignorance of a lot of life’s realities. He ducked the hardest questions by changing the response to addressing something a bit different. And he consistently dodged the matter of the less-affulent being expected to do the ‘heavy lifting’ while the upper end of town are better off under this Budget. Yes, there is a Mickey Mouse ‘deficit tax’ being levied on higher income earners. But that was also accompanied by other preferential treatment which lessens that impact of a temporary 2% increase which would only be introduced in a staged process over time (at least that is what we were told) in what is essentially an additional income tax. And the really high end of town continue to receive big bucks in things like continuing fuel concessions while the ordinary people face an increase in petrol excise at the bowser – not a big increase but an increase all the same while the likes of billionaires Gina Reinhardt and Clive Palmer continue to have ludicrously big fuel concessions. Every monetary gift to people like that simply drives up the profits they are making to their direct financial benefit. Not much ‘heavy lifting’ there.