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I just discovered a big error of fact in what was originally posted. So for now it was easier to just delete. But this piece shall return once I have edited appropriately.

There was one thing that came out strongly in the 2019 Federal election. It needs urgent attention. And all in parliament are simply ignoring it,

The last election proved once and for all how utterly useless and powerless the Australian Electoral Commission is, through no fault of their own. The Electoral Act and associated legislation and regulation are in urgent need of remedial attention. But the whole subject is subject of deafening political silence. (more…)

There is something about the Clive Palmer—his saga does not seem to want to end. But now things are getting murkier than ever. His nephew, Clive Mensink, has been overseas since last June, avoiding questions about the collapse of Queensland Nickel. But has Palmer had role in keeping Mensink conveniently out of the way? Has Palmer been attempted to pervert the course of justice? (more…)

I have just had an epiphany.  A light bulb moment, if you will. And in typing that last fragment, it occurred to me – how did people have light bulb moments before there were light bulbs? Did Edison come up with the concept as a gas light moment? Or da Vinci realise he was having a lantern moment when he came up with the idea for the Mona Lisa’s smile? What about our cave-dwelling forebears? “Me. Og. Me have rubbing-two-sticks-together-real-fast moment.” (more…)

As Palmer United Party wheezes its final death rattle, it is time to reflect on the extent of Clive Palmer’s contribution to Australian political discourse.

Doctor Dreadful

Doctor Dreadful

Yesterday the Abbott government backed off from the controversial $7 co-payment for visits to the doctor. In his Press Release, Abbott declared this was because they had ‘listened to the community.’ What a load of crap. This backflip was only because it should have been blindingly obvious to all that this was never going to get through the Senate. Whatever the general community thought about things didn’t matter.  (more…)

The disaster that is Palmer United Party has reached ridiculous proportions.


Senator Jacqui Lambie

Former Deputy Leader of the PUP, Jacqui Lambie, has spectacularly fallen out with the Clive Palmer and has quit the party. Now her electorate, Tasmania, whether we like it or not, did vote for PUP, not Jacqui Lambie, crazed individual. Yet their desire to be represented by POP has been thwarted. Instead they are now to be represented by an unaffiliated Independent without any say in it. Other democracies force by-elections in such circumstances, but not here in Australia. No, you can party-jump or pretty much whatever you like and your bum is safe in your seat for the remainder of your term. This situation is hardly isolated and has happened on many occasions since Federation in 1901. But why? Why can’t an electorate get a say in who they want representing them? This really is utter nonsense.


Alrighty then – it’s Rant time yet again. And I promised myself I wouldn’t be ranting about Clive Palmer again quite so soon. I mean, there’s plenty more I could rant about such as HRH Prime Minister Tony Abbott blowing off meetings in the US with mere minions like the IMF, in order to dash off up to Canadia Canada in order to form an anti-climate change action faction with the Canadian Prime Minister. Or the Australian Womens’ Hockey Team’s gusty effort in being runners-up against the all-powerful Dutch team in the World Championship. Or the new figures revealing the cost of labour in Australia is falling, despite what the likes of the bloated Fat Cat Gina Reinhardt claims. Or even the inconvenient pimple on my left bum cheek. But I’m afraid Gina’s mate Clive tips the scale in his favour once more. (more…)

Clive Palmer has announced that his party shall hold the Budget up in the Senate unless Parliament gives him more staff. Except PUP already has more staff than the much larger Australian Greens. He has already been given special treatment but that is not enough. No, he demands more, declaring his party ‘is a special case.’

Clive Palmer (Photo: Nick Moir)

Clive Palmer (Photo: Nick Moir)

Yes, Clive, we all know that you’re speshull. Your behaviour demonstrates that only too well. Turning up to Parliament in your Rolls Royce. Declaring you are going to be campaigning for the Prime Minister’s job – clearly you have been watching too much television from the USA to think that you need to put together a campaign to win the Prime Ministership separate to the main electoral process. Declaring the CIA has bankrolled the Australian Greens in order to bring down the Australian coal industry. Not even bothering to turn up to Parliament most of the time. Receiving approval for massive new coal developments after entering Parliament along with taxpayer-funded gifts of extensive new railway to connect your coal fields to a coal port that is to be redeveloped. (more…)

Well kids, it’s Clive Palmer time again.

In the wake of Tuesday’s Federal Budget, Palmer announced that he will be opposing the Budget in the Senate. Not his party will be opposing it but he will be. Of course Palmer isn’t actually in the Senate to oppose anything. Clearly it is Palmer’s opinion and only Palmer’s opinion that matters within the Palmer United Party (PUP). The couple of important Senate seats held by PUP emphasise that Palmer has direct control over voting in those Senate seats. He didn’t just buy his way to his own seat in Parliament, he effectively bought additional seats, giving him what I believe is an unprecedented position multiple seats controlled by one person in Australian Parliament.

palmerA big question about PUP was whether this was a genuine grouping of like-minded people of a particular political persuasion or just Palmer seeking to extend his own business interests courtesy of some Senate dupes. Well when he isn’t dozing off as he did yesterday, he is rarely there. Clive Palmer almost never bothers to actually attend Parliament. In the last parliamentary session, he was only there to actually vote once which is allegedly the worst ever record by any single politician in our Federal Parliament. Wherever Palmer’s interests may lie, clearly his seat in Parliament isn’t one of them. This begs the question yet again, why is he there? Can we believe anything he ever says? Not in my opinion. Take for example the PR campaign leading up to the rerun of part of the last Federal election in Western Australia (after the Australia Electoral Commission lost some 1,300 ballots), in which Palmer announced he is in favour of reduced emissions targets. But during his blitz in WA where he allegedly spent more than either of the major parties, he clarified that position. It is ‘natural’ emissions that need to be controlled according to Palmer. What? Is he going to try and stop the cows farting? In short, it was complete bullshit.

Clive Palmer is either a congenital idiot or playing a bigger, nastier game. As much as I despise the man, I doubt he is a congenital idiot given the billions he has made therefore it increasingly looks like he is up to something else. And, sadly, enough Australians have been duped to give him that parliamentary power.

OK, Ross has had his rant so over to you – what do you think Clive Palmer is up to?