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I previously posted a copy of my complaint to the CEO of the Australian Football League, complaining about his frankly pathetic response to the latest Eddie McGuire scandal.

I have received a response from the AFL’s Director of Media. That ever so helpful person thought my complaint about the media statement by CEO of the AFL, was best addressed by kindly sending me a copy of the statement that I had complained about. (more…)

There has been some amusement around Australia the last couple of days after the ultra-right wing group, United Patriots Front, declared that they were forming a political party to contest Senate seats at the next Federal election, which, if we can believe recent media reports, shall be happening before the end of the year. The amusement came over the group’s declaration that they were going to campaign on the right to “bare arms”. Leaving aside the poor spelling, the reality is that in Australia we have never had any such ‘right’ to bear or even bare arms. We do not have anything remotely resembling the  US Constitution’s infamous Second Amendment. Just as an aside – how many people have actually read that Amendment? I have – and it is very clearly and directly linked to service in a now-nonexistent militia which makes you wonder how that ‘right’ survived the challenge in the US courts – the one factor only existed because of a second factor that was no longer in place. But there is a more immediate threat to weapons control in Australia. How many people realise that we already do have a Senator with a specific party policy of the right to own firearms. (more…)