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Posted: May 3, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Melbourne drug dealer, Carl Williams, who was at the heart of the gangland war there through the 1990s and beyond, died in prison recently. He was serving time for organising the murder of several people although he was implicated in more killings than just the ones he was actually done for. Williams was bashed by another inmate and died of heart failure.

His funeral was the other day and the event received quite a bit of press coverage. Who cares that this scum is dead? The world is a better damn place without him! But get this – his coffin was gold-plated! How the hell did that come about? He made all of his money from unlawful dealings, mainly drugs – so why was there still enough money of his floating around to afford a damned gold coffin???

Williams’s ex-wife, Roberta, never short of a word for the media, is now splashed across the face of a national Australian magazine, mourning the fact that some ‘maggot’ has stolen her daughter’s father. What about all the people whose children were taken away from them via Williams’s drug dealing? What about the families of the people he organised hits on? Exactly who is the maggot in this picture?

One of the ironies of the situation is that Roberta’s actions are repeatedly so like those of her arch-enemy, Judy Moran – live off the proceeds of crime but then bleat about how awful things are when events catch up with you. And of course there was a biography appearing on the shelves of bookstores not long after Moran’s appeared.

The murder of Williams occurred shortly after reports appeared in the media that his daughter’s private schooling was being funded by the tax-payer although I have not followed that through as I am disgusted enough by the situation as it is.

An amusing aspect to the situation, if there is one, is to reflect on just how Williams ended up inside. He tried to ripoff one of his hitmen, refusing to pay him after doing the deed, with said hitman turning him in.

Now that ‘Fatman’ is dead, hopefully we will see an end to this sorry saga of major criminals and their families being treated as media celebrities, losing sight of the fact that he was a multiple murderer and major drug dealer.

What goes around…

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According to testimony recently given to the Court, when Melbourne criminal identity, Des Moran, was gunned down in a coffee shop last year, the last thing he said was ‘oh shit’. I would have thought it more likely to have been something like ‘arrggghhh‘, but there you go.

What amuses me about this whole thing, if anything about murder can be considered amusing, is the role of Moran’s sister-in-law, Judy Moran.

Dear Judy, wife of the late Lewis (convicted drug dealer, gunned down), mother of Mark and Jason (drug dealers, gunned down), was apparently one of the first on the scene of Des Moran’s last cuppa, wailing in grief. Yet it was also apparently common knowledge that the pair of them detested each other. So it was perhaps ironic that Judy is one of the four people charged with his murder.

A while back, Judy Moran’s biography came out, featuring her quote on the cover, ” I am a wife with no husband. I am a mother with no children”. Oh please. Of course the first edition of that biography had to be recalled by publisher Random House with some 20,000 copies being pulped because Mother Moran couldn’t resist gingering it up with some false allegations.

Are we supposed to be feeling some sort of sympathy for her? Give me a break. At least that other notorious Melbourne criminal matriarch, Kath Pettingill, has never pretended her family were anything other than what they are – criminals. But Mother Moran would have the world believe otherwise about her own family.

Mother Moran condemned the series, Underbelly, that charted the underworld war in Melbourne which saw the deaths of her sons among others. She claimed it was all a beat up etc etc. I don’t know what she was complaining about – she came out it of looking like nothing more than an ordinary mum and grandma, dishing up dinner to the family. As scriptwriter, Felicity Packard, explained to me, they had to be very careful how they portrayed Mother Moran as she had never been found guilty of anything. But it’s a bit hard to believe she didn’t know what was going on.

If, as looks likely, Mother Moran is found guilty of her part in Des Moran’s murder, I suspect there will be more than few people having a laugh at her expense.

What goes around, all too often comes around.