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It feels like it has been much more than six months since I last ranted in here. No, I haven’t stopped ranting – I’ve just stopped bashing people around the head with it as much as I was. But all good things must come to an end.

This has come to light and it has to be one of the most hypocritical things in Australian politics I have ever seen, and goodness knows, there have been plenty of contenders over the years.

The Liberal Party of Australia (for my North American friends, for ‘Liberal’ read ‘conservative Republican’) has given pre-selection in the electorate of Chisholm to one John  Nguyen.

Attached below is a copy of an image now bouncing around Facebook, from Mr Nguyen’s electoral materials.

The image clearly shows from Mr Nguyen’s biography that “John arrived in Australia in 1980 with his grandparents as a refugee fleeing persecution in communist Nguyen crapVietnam.”

What is also included in his electoral materials is “Secure our borders and, once again, stop the boats.”

I well remember just how big an issue ‘boat people’ [and that is how these refugees were generally referred to back then] from Vietnam were back in 1980 and thereafter. I find it exceedingly hard to believe that Mr Nguyen and his family, fleeing from Communist persecution in 1980, were able to casually leave via comfortable jet plane travel accompanied by a leisurely filling out of appropriate Immigration forms on their arrival at somewhere like Tullamarine airport. If they had those sort of bucks then they would have left much earlier than 1980. So on the balance of probabilities Mr Nguyen and his family were among the ‘boat people’ of 1980.

Having ‘escaped’ Communist persecution, having benefited in material, social and economic matters by having almost certainly sought asylum by being a ‘boat person,’ Nguyen is now attempting to deny anyone else the same opportunities.

What does this say about the outrageous hypocrisy of Nguyen?

What does this say about the Liberal Party of Australia?
You outrageous, hypocritical bastard. And this is who Tony Abbott is backing in the Australian 2013 Federal elections.