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A pretty heavy rant in its way.

George Brandis, Senator, Attorney General

Attorney-General Senator George Brandis QC

The Attorney General is the nation’s first law officer. That makes her or him our highest law officer in the nation. So it is not unreasonable to expect our Federal Attorney General to be a paragon of legal virtue. However our Attorney General, Senator George Brandis, is anything but. (more…)

Senator Ian MacDonald has a point. Our politicians really are terribly poorly paid. They could have stayed in their original ‘real’ jobs and been paid a proper, living wage. But no, through such determination to serve the public these heroes survive on a mere pittance, only to be tossed to one side like last week’s caviar wrapper. A defined benefits superannuation which provides a hefty guaranteed pension? That is merely a minor recognition of all those years of sacrifice for the nation. We should consider giving them all that free air travel in retirement as a way of saying ‘thank you, oh great one.’ (more…)

After we pretty much turned the clock back twenty years last week with Pauline Hanson’s maiden speech in the Senate, the Prime Minister was quick to distance himself and the government from Hanson and the One Nation Party. But following claims from MP George Christensen, we could be forgiven for wondering just how far apart the government and One Nation really are. (more…)

Malcolm Turnbull has fired up, insisting that there will be a review into the debacle that has been Census 2016, threatening that heads will roll. But will the review look at everything that needs to examined and will the right heads be sent to the executioner’s block? (more…)

Last night on QandA, Malcolm Turnbull defended his National Broadband Network, insisting it was better because it was being rolled out faster than would have been the case under Labor. Not a better system. Not a better product. Not a system capable of delivering on the growing demands being made on such technology. No, better because they are supposedly rolling out a substandard system faster. (more…)

Hapless Honest Joe

Posted: September 22, 2015 in Ranting
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Some interesting things are come out of Malcolm Turnbull putting together his new Cabinet. Too much for just one post so I shall spread it over several.


Honest Joe

Joe Hockey. In a way I feel sorry for him…but only a little. I still do not trust him and if he does get the rumoured diplomatic posting then it will be nothing but a simple pay off to get rid of him. (more…)