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An open letter to Miranda Devine

Posted: August 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Dear Miranda

You really stirred up a shit storm with your recent column about the perils of the ‘fatherless society’. And now in your follow up, you stir even further.

Now if what you claim in that follow up about persons inciting others to harass and bully your Facebook friends is true, then that is unacceptable. Before firing up, I will agree that you did indeed make some positive comments about Senator Wong and the impending birth. And I will also happily agree that ‘Twitterverse’ can soon distort a story. However your earlier column is nowhere near as innocent as you are making out.

We are supposed to ignore Tony and Margie Abbott’s three daughters because every time he is seen with them it is some sort of unfair snub to Julia Gillard and reflection on her marital status.

What complete and utter crap. I have never once heard ANYONE make any such claim or suggestion. What about all the media coverage last election where Tony Abbott spent several weeks hardly making a move without the girls being seen with him? How does that exactly equate to us being ‘supposed to ignore’ them?

The traditional heterosexual norm of a nuclear family and children is something to be kept in a closet like an embarrassment.

Where the hell did you come up with that piece of tripe? How about having a look at your own paper some time at the number of ‘traditional heterosexual’ marriages being reported on and included in the classifieds? Yeah, that’s really pushing it all into hiding in the closet.

In countries where [same-sex marriage] has been legalised, there has been no rush to the altar.”

At the risk of sounding Hansonesque – please explain; how about some figures to back that one up? I’d go and look for myself, but hey – you’re the one being paid to write that crap, not me.

The real gem however was “You only had to see the burning streets of London last week to see the manifestation of a fatherless society.

The rest of your article up to that point had opened with focusing on Penny Wong and her partner (and no, they cannot call each other anything other than ‘partner’ cos they ain’t allowed to get married, are they), then fired salvo after salvo against same-sex marriage. From there, ‘fatherless’ children (which by definition includes those of two-female-parent families) were now the cause of the London riots. Now if you really weren’t trying to give the impression that lesbian couples with children weren’t part of that problem of rioting fatherless children, then why in hell did you even bother introducing the subject in the first place? Sweetheart, you’ve only got yourself to blame for that backlash.

I shall happily take your word for it that Britain is “reported to have the highest proportion of single mothers in Europe and nearly half of all children suffering family breakdown by the age of 16.” But…

Miranda, honey, I think you better have a bit of a think about a little thing called cause and effect next time. It is not the lack of the father per se that is the cause of those problems including the rioting (and indeed the problems on housing estates that your friend referred to) but the fact that it is a single parent trying to cope with it all. Then there is the little thing called parental responsibility and example. By your argument, it necessarily follows that put a father in the scene and hey presto – the problem is gone. Golly – didn’t the Moran family of criminals have a dad? Why yes they did. Two of them over the years in fact. And the Moran boys turned out to be such pillars of society, didn’t they.

I have experienced single-parent families with children running wild but I have sure as hell have also experienced ‘nuclear’ families that were absolute hell on wheels. My aged parents went through an unbelievable time with a ‘nuclear’ family terrorising their entire street. I grew up right next door to another such family. And I have also experienced single-parent families that do not have any such problems whatsoever. In fact I was having coffee with a single-mother only earlier today and I can 100% guarantee you that her child is about as well-behaved as you’re going to get. Then there is another friend of mine who finally threw her junkie husband out and is raising their three girls on her own. And those girls are as polite, respectful and well-behaved as you’re going to get. Oh yeah, they really need their Dad back in their lives, don’t they!

A breakdown in family structures is definitely a social problem. No argument there from me. But don’t deliberately try and paint a picture that same-sex marriage is bad then leap into suggestions that the fatherless (ie including the product of all-female-parent families) were the cause of the London riots only to put your hands up and try to claim innocence afterwards.
It isn’t a matter of having presented ‘unfashionable mainstream views’ (although isn’t that something of a misnomer?). It is a matter of you writing a distorted mess that leaps about all over the place and crying foul afterwards when people follow your arguments to their logical conclusions.
Live by the sword, die by the sword; write journalistic crap, expect to receive a bucketing afterwards.
Politically incorrect love and kisses