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As Palmer United Party wheezes its final death rattle, it is time to reflect on the extent of Clive Palmer’s contribution to Australian political discourse.

The disaster that is Palmer United Party has reached ridiculous proportions.


Senator Jacqui Lambie

Former Deputy Leader of the PUP, Jacqui Lambie, has spectacularly fallen out with the Clive Palmer and has quit the party. Now her electorate, Tasmania, whether we like it or not, did vote for PUP, not Jacqui Lambie, crazed individual. Yet their desire to be represented by POP has been thwarted. Instead they are now to be represented by an unaffiliated Independent without any say in it. Other democracies force by-elections in such circumstances, but not here in Australia. No, you can party-jump or pretty much whatever you like and your bum is safe in your seat for the remainder of your term. This situation is hardly isolated and has happened on many occasions since Federation in 1901. But why? Why can’t an electorate get a say in who they want representing them? This really is utter nonsense.