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The Australian government recently announced it is going to work on getting rid of Parallel Import Restrictions on books coming in to Australia. In short, it opens the way for dumping cheap copy from overseas. That may seem OK if it means cheaper books but there are serious flow-on effects. Australian large-scale printing basically comes to an end, meaning loss of jobs and loss of economic growth that will not be made by cheap imports. There would be very little incentive for publishers based in Australia to go signing up talent because they will not be able to compete in the market. Existing authors lose income. New authors don’t make to publishing houses. It is not a good deal when you look at the bigger picture. Of course if they were really serious about supposedly dropping the price of books, then they can take one simple step immediately – drop GST off at least retail book sales. There is a one-eleventh saving straight away. But that won’t be happening. If we cannot get government to lift GST from necessities such as tampons then the chances of reducing covering to books has as much chance of happening as I have of cleaning out the flying pig stables. (more…)