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No fun hobbits in this Shire!

Posted: August 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

Alrighty then – time for another spot of analysis of the decision making capabilities within Australian television.

We are all supposed to be entertained by watching that reality program, The Shire. This is supposedly a form of reality that we all are just dying to know about. Surely it is true that we all want to watch phenomenally shallow minded young women, more concerned with botox and booby-implants than anything else. And young guys who are just interested in having a fun time but are pretty harmless – really. And thus as the television has told us, so it must be true.

So just who came up with the idea of casting these individuals? The cast’s behaviour in front of the camera gives us a pretty good idea what they are like – pathetic. But how about some evidence of off-camera stunts? This one takes some beating. It reads like something that Lindsay Lohan and her mates would have done.

Yeah – this lot are such a good example and role model to be showing off on tv, aren’t they. And we all are just so desperate to see more of them – NOT!

Wake Up Australia!

Now if you have an opinion on what I’m blathering about or even just feel like saying hi, then don’t be afraid to leave a comment or post something to me via Twitter or Facebook. I don’t bite – at least not always.

Time check please: 9:37 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, called an election on the weekend. Most pundits were suggesting it would be August 28 which would permit some days for those not currently on the electoral role to get on there. Instead, the poll has been called for August 21. To help those not on the electoral roll a chance to get that sorted, offices of the Australian Electoral Commission were open until 8pm.

So perhaps someone could tell me why, more than an hour-and-a-half after the AEC offices had closed the doors on those extended hours, television stations are still advertising those extended hours. Now unless commercial television stations have suddenly turned into charities, this extra television advertising isn’t being provided for nothing. Just what is being gained by paying for television advertising that informs people that they have actually missed their chance for that last minute registering on the electoral roll?

On the subject of the election, rather than the usual boredom of interminable advertisments, telling us how wonderful one party is and how terrible the others all are, accompanied by footage of smiling pollies wandering the streets, shaking hands with the elderly, kissing babies and all the other stuff that they wouldn’t be caught dead doing any other time, how about we spice things up for a change. Let’s run our election like a reality television program.

Sorry contestants – this week Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey and Wayne Swan – you’re all in the elimination round. Your task will be to produce a convincing line of spin about why politicians do not get enough allowances, while baking a souffle and changing the baby’s nappies. Whoops – sorry Tony – your souffle is as flat as your policies, wearing Speedos detracted from your presentation and you ended up with baby shit all over your face. You ARE the weakest link, you’re fired, leave the fecking island right now, do not pass Go and do not collect $200.

Surely that would be an improvement on the usual?

UPDATE – Just to make me look like a total dick, their hours have now been extended to Thursday.