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1. Observe Anita Heiss (@AnitaHeiss ) commenting that she had just bought a Charlie Brown (@charliebrownaus ) outfit for New Year’s Eve

2. In typical idiotic style, suggest that I start dressing as Lucy and opening a psychiatrist’s stall

3. Have Charlie Brown say thank you for the nice PR

4. Declare everything to be Anita Heiss’s fault because I am completely totally and utterly insane and therefore not responsible for anything.

5. Have Charlie Brown declare that they are going to use that phrase from now on

6. Tell Charlie Brown that your bill will shortly be in the mail for use of said phrase

7. Only now bother to look at Charlie Brown’s Twitter feed and realise that this is in fact a REAL Charlie Brown, the fashion designer

8. Announce to Charlie Brown that when I hit the big time, I shall purchase a Charlie Brown outfit and wear it.

9. Feel incredibly stupid, place foot in mouth and head off to the chemist to get some ointment for foot fungal infections of the mouth