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Sydney DJ and television personality, Kyle Sandliands has been causing waves for some years now. And they’re usually sewerage-ridden stinking waves too.

Exactly why is he ever made a judge on things like Australian Idol and whatever other sad excuse for programming thinks it is a good idea to pick him up? Since when did spouting arrogant verbal shit on radio airwaves somehow make him an expert on any aspect of entertainment – other than spewing arrogant verbal shit of course.

Now apparently, in the Sandilands world, it is some sort of crime to even report what others are saying about his programming, to be subjected to all manner of abuse on the air without so much as a chance of comeback.

Why oh why are sponsors still defending this dickhead? Holden at least had the guts to say enough is enough and dump him in the wake of this latest crap. But what about the others, huh? And what about station management?

I would call Sandilands an arrogant fucking tool, but that would be an insult to sexually active, arrogant adjustable spanners everywhere.

But. Not. The. Cricket.

Posted: November 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

We have just seen a very exciting, two-Test cricket series played between Australia and South Africa.

So here’s my rant. With all of these wonderful, new free-to-air television stations available in Australia, why is that the only people who were able to see the televsision coverage were those with pay-tv connections? What happened to previous governmental assurances that free-to-air sport would remain free-to-air? But there is plenty of room for crap so-called comedies and old programs that ceased to be interesting or amusing years ago. Even thirty-year-old Leyland Brothers docos are being broadcase. But. Not. The. Cricket.

When checking details online about just what had been happening, I found a link via, which is merely a re-direction to nine-msn, which promised video highlights. Except that even the video highlights were not licensed to be shown.

Fair suck of the sauce bottle!

Thank goodness for ABC radio and the Grandstand radio coverage lead as ever by Jim Maxwell. It was a first-rate coverage, even allowing for my distaste for Geoff Lawson and his broadcasting. Honestly, at times I think Lawson will only be happy if bowlers get to decide when a batter is out, not umpires, and batters are forbidden from hitting the ball. I was a bowler, in my own very modest way, and I hated batters when I had the ball in my hand, but even I wasn’t as over-the-top as Lawson gets sometimes.

Incidently, what a gem Farnie de Villiers has turned out to be as a commentator! I near wet myself laughing when he became particularly animated, referring to an English cricketer as a ‘real smart-arse’ in that thick, Africaans accent. I sincerely hope someone brings him out to do commentary on the next South African visit Down Under.


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Flipping heck. And I think I deserve some sort of award for not being far more obscene with my language.

My life has gone on hold for this damn surgery to fix my aneurism. The date of the surgery was carefully selected to fit around other things including family commitments. I was supposed to be entering hospital on Wednesday, going under the knife on Thursday morning.

As I intended going down to stay with family to recuperate once I was able to travel, it seemed a good idea  to try and arrange for my next drug infusion for my Crohn’s Disease to be undertaken down in Victoria, rather than having to travel back to Canberra just for that. So I called the gastroenterology department to speak to my specialist’s offsider. When I explained why I wanted to make that arrangement, she was quite concerned because she did not think I was allowed to have surgery so soon after my last drug infusion. She said she would send an urgent message to my specialist as he was not in the office.

Not having heard anything about 4:45, I called back only to find that the gastro department had closed for the day. The switch operator, after I explained the problem, sent an urgent message to the gastro, asking him to call me. He called me several minutes later.

The upshot is that I cannot have my surgery for at least another four weeks because of the immune-suppression drug that I have as an infusion every eight weeks. With this in my system, should I get a post-surgery infection in the brain, seeing as it is brain surgery after all, it could well kill me.

Here’s the thing. I have seen the surgeon twice. I saw his offsider, also a doctor, at the pre-surgery clinic a couple of weeks back. I made damned sure at every step of the way that they knew I was on this particular drug. Yet now they are claiming no knowledge of it at all.

My gastroenterologist was horrified that I was about to be operated on.

Does anybody in that hospital talk to each other? Do they ever read their own damned records? What else have they overlooked or forgotten?

more AFP delays

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After sitting on my Freedom of Information request for three weeks of the 30 days supposedly required to meet my request, noting that the AFP refused to even tell me what I was supposed to have made a complaint about against another individual that was used to arrest him but told me I had to request that information under FoI, the AFP have now decided that they need another month. I have no choice other than to agree to the extension. When supplying my request, I even forwarded the email advice that I had to go through FoI, so it should hardly have been a surprise that they would need to go to those required areas.

So now, in addition to one or more officers of the AFP telling blatant lies in response to my formal complaint against them, all of a sudden the documentation relating to the matter is not even available for an extended period. It still beggars belief that one or more officers have not only point blank denied something happening that most certainly did, but then decided to fabricate an entire conversation that under no circumstances ever occurred.

What a load of crap.

Should the Intrepid Investigator still be looking at my blog, please be assured that this bullshit is going to be added to my case being forwarded to the Ombudsman in due course.

Just a quick further update. The other resident of the house that the police have claimed to have made certain statements ain’t happy. Ploddy and his mates can expect a sworn statement from him now as well as me.

The most outrageous aspect of that part of their statement is that not only did no such conversation even occur, no member of the police in attendance so much as stepped foot in the kitchen/common area of the house as claimed.

What is this? The bad old days where the coppers are allowed to make it all up as they go along? If this were anyone else, we would be seeing them in court for defamation!

As I said in my last post, it’s little wonder some call them ‘filth’.

Complete and utter bollocks!

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Well, well, well.

Constable Plod is becoming very inventive. I have just received a report into the ‘investigation’ of my complaint. According to Ploddly and his pals:

  • I never disputed access to the police
  • I was having a jolly discussion with police in the kitchen area until another member of the residence left his room and instructed me to cease speaking about the gentleman they had come to arrest.

What complete and utter bollocks! Absolute lies!

I told the police over and over that I wanted them to leave, that I did not want them there or entering the building. To claim otherwise is a 100% proof lie!

I never even spoke to police inside the house prior to or during the arrest, in the kitchen or anywhere else for that matter, other than to say ‘that’s his room there,’ and that was uttered while standing in the hallway. I never even had police stand in the kitchen or common area with me until after the arrest and after the time that police supposedly overhead that statement telling me to be quiet.

Another resident did indeed leave his room to find his doorway swamped with Blue Bottles and demanded to know what they were doing there. I then called him out to the common area which was completely free of the wallopers. There was most certainly no discussion as claimed by the police whatsoever and I would like to know who the hell said it did! It was not until after the arrest that I finally screwed my courage back up again to demand to know why all six of them had all entered the building contrary to my express wishes. I was rudely blown off with some crap about operational procedure. They then had the hide to return and ask me to give a statement against the arrested party – which I flatly refused to do. How much more of their dirty work did they expect me to do?

I have challenged all police involved in this affair to individually stand before a judge and give evidence on oath about this affair, in particular those statements that are complete bullshit fabrications. I’m quite happy to do so and my conscience would be clear. Which is a damned sight more than any of that lot would be if they continued to make those statements under oath.

Here’s a little warning to you all. If you ever speak to the Australian Federal Police about anything, according to the information provided to me today by the Intrepid Investigator, you ‘may’ be called a ‘complainant’ thereafter, regardless of what you spoke to them about. You could be doing a Good Samaritan act, picking the wounded chap up and letting the police know you had found him. And that is enough to qualify you as being a ‘complainant.’ Of course, the Intrepid Investigator did say ‘may’ be called complainant ie you also ‘may not’ be called complainant. That does beg the question why they did so in this particular instance? Are they really so simple as to not realise that to do so would be causing trouble to be both identifying me and calling me a ‘complainaint’? Of course at this point, I only have their word for how I have been described as so far I have been refused access to any actual information on the actual event itself. It’s apparently fine and dandy to go naming people left, right and centre but how dare they ask exactly what it is that Ploddly and his mates are alleging you to have said or done.

So far the ‘investigator’ has successfully managed to 100% avoid any discussion about the officer who originally took my details and stated ‘he [the ultimately arrested party] will not know it was you who made the complaint.’ FACT: that statement alone makes it abundantly clear that the police were treating this as a ‘complaint’ from the outset. Never mind the fact that I repeatedly stated that I was NOT making a complaint. So then, just how does my name appear on AFP documents identified as a ‘complainant’ when there wasn’t apparently even any need to refer to me as a complainaint? Doesn’t really add up, does it? FACT: I had just been told by the police that I wouldn’t be indentified anyway – and I was.

Just what the hell is actually going on here?

The police are also sticking to the story that they originally presented to the court that they had no knowledge that alcohol was involved until during or after (that’s their words, not mine) the alleged ‘welfare check.’ This
investigator’s report insists that is correct but also quite happily makes reference to discussions about the consumption of alcohol that occurred before they talked their way into the house for other purposes. Yet the arrest has been justified on the basis that they had no knowledge prior to entry of that existence of alcohol.

Talk about having your cake and eating it too!

Now back to the alleged ‘welfare check’. The investigation has successfully managed to avoid any single reference to my complaint about the way this was undertaken – six armed officers, clustered over one individual, interrogating in a hostile manner and even loudly accusing him of spitting on them – I had a clear view of that incident and no deliberate spitting occurred at all. Oh no, this was all just fine and dandy, just another day of sunshine and daisies. Nothing to be worried about at all. As I have stated before – if this is how ACT Policing deal with ‘welfare checks’ then should not be allowed within a bull’s roar of anyone needing one! The investigation has just breezily claimed in so many words that is none of my business.

The reality is that everyone there in that location is simply being lumped together as a collective of undesirables and thus it is apparently quite permissible to treat us all like some sort of filth on the sole of the shoe.

Now did I ever want to live at Ainslie Village community housing? No bloody fear. But I had nowhere else to go. I still don’t. I am not allowed access to public housing and thus am one of those who continue to fall through the cracks. Attempts to resume working even part-time have failed and so I am reliant on my small pension – just enough over the general invalid pension to make me ineligible for any assistance whatsoever, my multiple health conditions apparently not worth considering, but sure as shit nowhere near enough to be able to live by myself anywhere. I have already gone over the reasons why I ended up there often enough – all thanks to the lies and machinations of my former employer, the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in their desperate bid to avoid ever being found liable for any workers compensation cases at a time when they had openly confessed to staff that reducing the size of the annual premium was considered essential for future financial well-being. I still have all of these well-documented lies if anyone is every interested, not that anyone in authority gave a shit.

I used to think the idea of police treating those lower on the socio-economic ladder was a bit of a beat up. But now I have experienced it for myself. And I am not just talking about this latest mess.

Take for example the fun and games about twelves months when an evicted resident at Ainslie Village was found to have left a bomb and bomb-making equipment behind. The place was put in ‘lock down’ at mid-morning, with a civilian used to monitor traffic – not a member of the constabulary, not even an employee of the management company, but another resident at Ainslie Village. When I arrived home from my then-work at around 7pm, I was turned away from the entrance but had no difficulty penetrating the perimeter by foot over a footbridge. The police weren’t even aware I was there until I approached them. Pretty good ‘locking down’ work there, boys. At that point I was still wearing my suit from work, and it was all ‘yes sir, no sir, can we be even more obsequious sir.’ However when a group of us, previously determined to have been safe, were kicked out at midnight, assured to be for only an hour or two, I was in a comfortable albeit tatty pair of trackpants and windcheater that wasn’t much better. No more calling me sir! From then on I was lucky to get a ‘hey you’ for the rest of the night. And rest of the night it was – forced from one building into a supposedly safer location that was actually nearer the potential blast site, in direct line of site, with one side of the building facing open water and thus in even greater risk of ricochet and with the end of the building directly facing the blast, being all glass windows and doors. In reality we were much safer where we originally were. And from the moment we were summarily booted out, we were treated like absolute pariahs. The comparison in attitude to when I looked like just another ‘suit’ was very marked and not in any positive way!

Interestingly, the best way to become left alone by the police at Ainslie Village, seems to be by becoming a drug dealer. Little enough is ever done about it. Could it be possibly be that they have simply decided that ‘all the scum are in one place so we know where they are?’ So ignore all that, but by all means ginger up a story in order to make Ploddly and co look better!

The bottom line is that the police behaviour on the night in question was a bloody mess. They have now seen fit to ginger the story up by denying I ever even objected to their presence, not mention inventing farcical conversations as taking place. I shall challenge Plod and his mates again – I dare you all to individually go before a judge, in my presence, and make those same statements on oath. I wonder if they all will decide to continue telling porkies before His or Her Honour?

Pathetic, Constable Plod, absolutely pathetic.

Honestly, is it any wonder that some call them ‘filth?

Request lodged

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I have now lodged a request for Freedom of Information access to try and find out exactly what this complaint is that I am supposed to have made against another individual that the Australian Federal Police used as justification to arrest that individual.

I still believe that it beggars belief that police are allowed to claim such information exists but despite it allegedly coming from me, I am not allowed to know what it actually is, let alone sight a copy of it.

Again I ask, why is it that an arrested party can be given that information but the person it is alleged to come from in the first place is not allowed to know anything about it?

As this is a simply outrageous position, I have also brought matters to the attention of the ACT Attorney General and the media.

Anyone prepared to wager that the AFP will be less-than cooperative in providing this information? If it even exists.